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Goodbye, Unapologetically Mundane!

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Since I’m mostly posting photos here nowadays, I’ve decided to consolidate Unapologetically Mundane with my photography website. It’s been an amazing six years here, but I’m really excited about having a dedicated photography blog. Where I’ll obviously still continue to talk about whatever personal stuff I want to, because clients want to see that their photographers have personality, right?! Eek.

You’ll find my new Ettible Photography blog here, and you can follow me using my new RSS feed here.

Thank you for your blogfriendship, and I hope to see you on the new site!

Meanwhile, Elsewhere on the Internet

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I have a crazy backlog of food photos building up on my hard drive and no time to blog about them because I’m always busy rubbing your nose in my self-importance here, so I think I’m going to focus more on that for the moment and officially ask for your support of my food blog, donuts4dinner.

In case you need visual prodding:

I know it’s hard to think of a hundred different ways to say “that brown sugar cake you ate at that restaurant I’ve never heard of and will never visit sure looks tasty”, but

a) Kelly, Jessica, Ellie, Ash, and Tracey do it, and

b) I always find incredibly insightful things to say about your pets/kids/clothes/hot husband, so you can probably swing a “yum!” my way every now and then. (Meaning every day. (Miss a post, and you’re dead to me.))

j/k! Love you!

Here’s the RSS link if you just want to go ahead and add that to your reader right now: donuts4dinner RSS. And I’ll see you there.

Wait, Do You Find My Blog Annoying?

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After this

and this

and this

took place at Ulysses on Friday night after work, my friend Eric turned very seriously to me and said, “I have to tell you something, Katie.”

His wife-to-be looked at him like, “Oh, my god, what totally embarrassing thing are you about to say?”

It turns out he really hates my SnapShots. You know, the little boxes that pop up every time you mouseover an external link. Like this:

He said he understands that I use them because they make me money, though. But, um, they actually don’t. I put them there for you. So that you know what you’re clicking on before you click. And in the case of Wikipedia links, you can actually read the definition of whatever I’m linking to without even clicking on the link.

But that isn’t the first time someone’s told me that he hates it. Another friend said that if he didn’t know me, he would’ve exited my blog the first time one of those things popped up and never looked back.

So, how do you feel about them? Love them? Hate them? Never even notice them?

A New Site Design Entirely for My Enjoyment

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Basically since the beginning of this blog, my header background has been an image from the illustrious Circleville Pumpkin Show:

It’s potatoes with ribbons on them. Prize-winning potatoes.

I always thought it was brilliant. What could be more unapologetically mundane, right? Well, after two and a half years of staring at the thing (because of course I reload my blog twenty times a day just to marvel at it), I decided that maybe I should try something a little more, um, relatable. Like, you know, something to show what a good-time gal I am.

So I whipped out a new header, showed a couple of friends, and found out that:

a) half of them didn’t even get the prize-winning potatoes angle until I explained it, and
b) the half who did get it didn’t even like it.

(Well, Kamran liked it. But probably only because it made him feel smart that he got the joke.)

So I have a new header! And also a new seizure-inducing background! And apparently it actually all looks okay in Internet Explorer, which apparently it didn’t for, like, a whole year! Things are really looking up over here.