Paint Sample Obsession

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Have you ever painted paint samples on your wall and then become absolutely obsessed with them? My roommate/landlord/former co-worker/boyfriend, Jack, helped me paint these on my bedroom wall yesterday afternoon, and I’ve since checked on them approximately 400,000 times. As if they might have dried a different color between seven hours on my wall and eight hours on my wall.

Paint Samples

I think I might like the two on the right together, but I really have no idea. And it’s not like it actually matters, since we’ve lived in this apartment for three years now and have gotten along fine without paint so far. And we’ve actually been seriously talking about painting for eight months now but haven’t, so this is clearly one of those “no, really, I’m totally going to make all of these crafts I’ve pinned to my Pinterest boards” situations.

By the way, I took that photo with the new 14mm f/2.8 lens Jack bought me for Christmas. I was about half a foot away from the wall when I took it. The lens on this thing is so curved that I can see inside your ears when I’m two inches from your nose.

Wide Angle Lens


  1. Noel says:

    WAIT, JACK IS YOUR WHAT? (sorry, had to)

    • foodiemom10583 says:

      i KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT!!!
      (jumping up and down like Herman Munster and breaking the floor as I type this.)

      • katie ett says:

        HA. How did you know it?!

        • foodiemom10583 says:

          There was a teeny little bit of “something” in the way you wrote about Jack, particularly when y’all were in Puerto Rico. I kind of suspected there was someone who was just waiting to make a move on you as soon as you became a single gal. I am SO happy for you both!

          • katie ett says:

            Ha, you’re right, I definitely did caption one of the pictures “OMG, Jack” because he looked so serious and hott in it. Nice detective work!

    • katie ett says:

      I knew you were too excited about the GLORY that was about to be “American Hustle” to pay attention to me during dinner.

      j/k, the movie was just okay. I liked the ice cream better.

  2. Ash says:


    And I like the one on the left.

    Also, basically you want your room to have the same color as your blog (sans the pink)? I should’ve done that!

  3. Welfy says:

    Wait, what, boyfriend??

    • katie ett says:

      Yep! I didn’t want to make some epic announcement about it, so I decided just to throw it into a post quietly. Hello!

  4. Serial says:

    I think it’s wise (and hilarious) that you slipped the “boyfriend” into this post, and not the last one.

    • katie ett says:

      I swear it was innocent! I felt weird calling Jack my friend in that post but didn’t want to slip the news into some huge story full of all of my friends. But Jack later said that that’s exactly what he wanted me to do. Innocent, I say!

  5. Deb (K) says:

    When I first read this post and saw the comment about Jack, I was excited and happy (still am) and wanted to immediately post a comment about it (…sorry, the paint samples did not inspire any comments or feedback). But no one had yet posted and I thought it would be a bit stalkerish of me since I figured most of your commenters are friends IRL and probably already knew. So now that others have posted and focused (fixated) on the same topic, I can safely post my comment. So yay for you and Jack!

    • katie ett says:

      Really?! Nothing on the paint samples? Huh. But yeah, I was hoping to casuuuuually slide the “boyfriend” bit in, but of course that’s a little more exciting than which shade of boring I want in my bedroom. I’m happy, too!