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I’ve been switching between Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash and my regular non-natural shampoos for a while now, but I read recently that the sulfates in most shampoos are really bad for letting curly hair be curly. So I’m going all Burt’s Bees now. It’s sulfate-, paraben-, phthalate-, and petrochemical-free, and it leaves my hair soft and shiny.

It’s thinner than other shampoos, so I usually start out with a tiny amount so I make sure not to lose any, rinse that, and then wash again with another tiny amount. I tried Johnson’s Kids Natural 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash because it’s a little cheaper and found that while I also like the way it leaves my hair, the fact that it’s naturally non-foaming just doesn’t work for me; I like to be able to feel my shampoo doing its job. Plus, I think “Baby Bee” is about the cutest name ever for a product.

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo at

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo at

I already sang the praises of the super-soft EcoTools kabuki brush with its own lid, so when I started feeling like my BareMinerals brushes were a little too scratchy, I immediately looked for a suitable EcoTools alternative.

This brushes are so soft you’ll wanna wipe your butt with them. The kabuki is dense enough for full-coverage, the foundation brush will take care of your everyday powder needs, and the eye shading brush is perfect for undereye makeup. The concealer brush is just like the BareMinerals concealer brush if the BareMinerals one was made with hair plucked from a kitten’s head, and the pouch (mine is zippered) makes it so I can leave a set of these in my desk drawer at work without the brushes coming out caked in pencil shavings and tequila.

I’ve read reviews where people actually said the EcoTools brushes are too soft for them, but I guess not everyone has the skin of a newborn baby seal. (Is that a good metaphor? I have no idea what baby seal skin is like.) The point is that these brushes are perfect, and I continue to LOVE EcoTools.

EcoTools 5-piece brush set at

EcoTools 5-piece brush set at

(The brush set is ridiculously cheap at Amazon right now, but shipping is faster through, and Ebates will give you 6% cash back through, so take your pick.)


  1. Cassie says:

    A baby seal would be soft, right? I mean, I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be. But what the hell do I know.

    • katie ett says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Big seals always seem to be covered in bite marks and missing fur, but baby seals get clubbed for their skin, so there must be something there.

  2. bluzdude says:

    From the Animal Walks Into a Bar Joke Hotline:


    A baby seal walked into a club.

    Thank you.

  3. Serial says:

    I’ve actually been wanting to switch to a sulfate free shampoo, and wasn’t sure where to go. I didn’t know Burt had an option … I love Burt. Even though he sold out to some mega corporation.

  4. I didn’t know that about sulfates and curly hair! Although I think postpartum hormones are more to blame for my latest look, which is very Joan-Baez-on-a-bad-hair-day. When my current bottle runs out, I’m trying the Burt’s.

    I agree, though, that soap that doesn’t foam is soap that’s not working. That goes double for toothpaste.

    • katie ett says:

      Joan Baez, Roseanne Roseannadanna? You’re not giving me great mental images about your hair here.

  5. Jessica R. says:

    I love Baby Bee! I wash Sarah with it and just want to sniff my hands for the next hour. I use Burt’s shampoo, but I noticed they just changed it over to their Gud brand. Never thought about using Baby Bee for my own hair, but I may have to do just that.

    • katie ett says:

      Funny you say that! Before I bought the stuff I was worried that it wouldn’t work on adults, and while I was reading reviews, I kept coming across people saying it smelled horrible. I linked to the fragrance-free stuff here, but I actually love the smell of it, too!

  6. Lisa says:

    Ok, totally trying the Baby Bee shampoo. Agreed on non-foaming shampoo. Supposedly the more a shampoo lathers, the worse it is for curly hair, but I don’t care. Non-foaming shampoo is just weird.

    • katie ett says:

      It sucks knowing that, right? I know I shouldn’t want the lather, but when I saw on the Johnson’s bottle that it’s “naturally non-foaming”, I was like, “Fools!”

  7. Alfagirl says:

    I used to use Johnson’s baby shampoo because I thought I gentler shampoo would work better instead of putting a bunch of crap & chemicals in my hair. It didn’t work that well, but I imagine that J&J brand is not all natural.

    • katie ett says:

      Yeah, I’d think baby shampoo would automatically be nicer to your hair, but I’ve never actually looked at the ingredients on a bottle. The idea of chemicals on babies makes me saaaaaad! The J&J stuff I linked to in the post is 98% natural, as is Burt’s Bees, so maybe one of those is worth a shot for you.

  8. Alfagirl says:

    It makes me sad too, to think that at such a young age you are rubbing chemicals into their skin/brain. :/
    I just spent too much $$ on Kerastase so we’ll see how that works – if not, probably worth switching to paraben-free.
    Also- thanks for the tip about the brushes. I just bought a really expensive Bobbi Brown brush (made w/ some sort of real animal hair) and it’s super soft. Makes me wonder how I tolerated the stupid Bare Minerals brush for so long- it feels like sand paper now.

    • katie ett says:

      Having little to no hair, I’m not familiar with Kerastase, but it has a fancy name, so you have my vote of confidence. I think the BareMinerals brushes are supposed to be made of goat hair, but who ever thought goat hair was something women would want to put on their faces?!

  9. Kim says:

    I obviously don’t care about putting chemicals in my hair (I dye the hell out of it and will put anything in it that claims to help hold curl) but I am totally on board the sulfate-free wagon. I use the $7 L’Oreal brand (Everstrong) in conjunction with Keratin treatments and it’s awesome. I wish I could use baby shampoo though, I love how they smell.

    I may have to check out these brushes … I haven’t had a set I liked in a while. Also, seals are terrifying creatures.

  10. Megan says:

    Huge fan of both EcoTools and Burts Bees. I’m kind of a hippy in that I try not to use any products with parabens. And while I’m on the topic, don’t use ‘regular’ deodorant with aluminum!!

  11. Yes…
    but what will that shampoo do for my widows peak? Cause… you know… I think it’s starting to look a bit thin over here. You know… where I’ve been using the kabuki brush to apply a little camo…

  12. I love Burt’s Bees products but I haven’t tried any of the Baby Bee stuff. Noted. :)