Back to the Hamptons

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So, I’ve been sick since Friday. I left work after lunch that day and haven’t been back since, but I still managed to infect at least two co-workers in my wake.

And now today, twelve of us are going back to the house we rented in the Hamptons last year so I can infect even more of them! Despite having fallen on my head while Rollerblading last year, crying for five hours straight, and getting so sunburned I still have tiger stripes on my back a year later, I am so excited for this trip. We’re right on the bay, right across the street from the ocean, and right next to some people who stare every time a non-white friend shows up.

There’s literally nothing to do but sit on the deck with our feet in the pool or sit on the beach with our winterpale shoulders collecting sun. But not too much sun.

Check out the rest of last year’s photos here!


  1. kimz says:

    I hate you. I am suspending our friendship until you invite me to a place with a private pool. Or until you and Kamran decide to come visit.

  2. JEALOUS! Have the best time.

    And try to get Martha Stewart’s autograph for me while you’re there, OK?

  3. Dishy says:

    Have FUN (I know you will!) !!

  4. Jessica says:

    Beautiful! Have a great time!

  5. Dude! That sounds amazing (what a spectacular photo)!
    I’m so jealous – well, not of the being sick part, but… ah… the rest of the stuff. Seriously, though, feel better soon and have a great trip! :)

  6. Cassie says:

    le sigh. Jealous.

  7. Serial says:

    When I create my own line of housepaint, I will name one of the colors “winterpale.”