Guess Who’s Going to See a Taping of the Emeril Show

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Me. Tomorrow.

I’m bringing my friend Beth, who hopes we have to take a shot every time he says “BAM”!

Does this Emeril appear freakishly young to anyone else?


  1. Tracey says:

    NEAT! Show tapings have always fascinated me. I hope you get picked out of the audience to help him cook something.

    • Not only did we not get picked, but there was this panel of about 12 people on the side of the stage who we thought were going to get to participate somehow but actually seemed less involved than the rest of the audience. They did get to eat something at one point during a break, and maybe the cameramen filmed them so the producers can insert the footage into the show later as if they were eating it as Emeril cooked it, but I guess we won’t know until April 18th.

  2. If you get your picture taken with Emeril, I’ll be so jealous I might die.

    P.S. That’s not a game for a light drinker.

    • I didn’t, but I did see that Henry Rollins is coming here sometime this week, and I thought about how I should go to his show and then wait out back for him and hump his leg for you.