Even in New York City, People are Nice to You When You Vomit

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Two days ago, I was on the green line express to Grand Central on my way home from work, leaning against the doorway as I meticulously typed a blog post about my newfound (and belated) love for Band of Horses on my BlackBerry, when a woman a foot away from me screamed, “Oh, my god!” and pushed everyone around her back toward the opposite end of the car. I looked up from my writing to see that the man sitting on the seat closest to me was vomiting all over the train floor, quietly but forcefully.

Read the rest here IF YOU DARE.


  1. I’m…yeah. I’m gonna wait until I’m finished eating this delicious piece of fudge to read about barf on the subway.

  2. Kirsten says:

    haha I immediately clicked on the link to read. Wow people are nice! I don’t know what I would have done.. it depends if I was feeling queasy as well from all the barf.. I tend to feel sick if I see someone else barfing.. especially if it is on me.

    • I get the feeling that I should have been a nurse or something, because other people’s bodily fluids are fairly captivating for me. Although maybe I’d feel differently if they were actually on me, yeah.

  3. Tessa says:

    Of all the days to be writing articles about vomit…


  4. Alfagirl says:

    My “favourite” part of the article was your mention of your new shoes. They sound so cute!

  5. spaghedeity says:

    i like your puke-related examiner articles the best. i suggest you poison your fellow passengers so you can write more entries about vomit.

    • I’ll begin planting rubber vomit on the seats with the hope that people with puke upon sight. I’m picturing a beautiful rainbow of vomit arching from one side of each car to the other.

  6. Smail says:

    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only person to have vomited next to you on a train.