Circleville Pumpkin Show 2009

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I went home to Ohio last month for

which is a five-day street fair in a town ten minutes away from where I grew up, beloved by the world and chock full of country charm such as

the belief that pumpkin-related foods are entertainment,

so many effin’ pumpkin displays it makes the pie center of your brain kick into triple overdrive,

inappropriate signage,

and so much food that you start to force feed it to your family pets just to get rid of all the treats you bring home with you.

All of our eatin’ is cataloged here at, because you non-food-loving types don’t deserve to get to see photos of deep-fried peanut butter.


  1. Tracey says:

    I forgot all about the kitten pictures! I guess I was too busy devouring my own apple to take notice of what was happening.

    I also forgot to tell you that Dan left his giant bag of cotton candy near his warm computer for a few days, which sped up the shrinking process and turned the whole thing into a brightly colored solid plank of sugar.

    • Ahh, crap! I meant to ask you if you still had the cotton candy while I was home. It would’ve been awesome to reconstitute that stuff with some Sprite like in the old days.

  2. Julie says:

    We also took our annual trip to the pumpkin show last month. It was Lex’s first – he was 10 days old. I bought entirely too much taffy and found out that Connor loves pumpkin pie!

    • It’s sooooo funny that you chose the two things my friends and I never touch when we go, because they seem like the least unhealthy. I’m going to give you fatty lessons before you go next year.

  3. Belle says:

    EXCUSE ME but I need a time traveling machine so that I can go back in time to make it to this festival, and I need a plane ticket to Ohio… all so that I can have fried peanut butter. HEEEEELP.

  4. Cristy says:

    That sign is AWESOME! Deep-fried peanut butter!?!?! How cool! I’ll be checking the other site, like right. now.

  5. File this under Things I Never Thought I Would Say:

    I am dying to go to Circleville, Ohio.

  6. Kirsten says:

    um this sounds AMAZING. I love pumpkin anything. Viewing all those food pictures made me very hungry. At the fair out here they had a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich with honey on top. Deliciouss