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Food Porn #1 on my food blog


  1. natalie says:

    the pickle picture is…um…suggestive? i love pickles but i’m never going to view them in the same light after seeing this. you’ve runied pickles for me.

    • Living so close to NYC, pickles should’ve been ruined for you, anyway. Every time I bite into one, I’m worried that it’s going to be a half-sour, so I can’t fully enjoy the first bite. And the first bite is everything.

  2. Kelly says:

    “…an all white girl party with frozen margaritas and lots of talk about how we should all move to Paris, the white girl dream capital of the world.”

    I see a White Girl Party in my future. I mean the kind with clip-art-festooned invitations.

    Also, Beauty Bar is made of pure, uncut Kelly.

    • You have totally commented on the wrong entry, leaving comment readers of the future wildly confused. WAY TO GO.

      But yes, both of those things DO seem incredibly Kellyish. Which is why we are clearly destined to be BFFs when your travels finally take you here. (As my travels will obviously never take me there.)

      • Kelly says:

        Well, can you blame me? I was distracted by that picture of Tracey making sweet, sweet oral love to a half-sour pickle. A variety of pickle that I did not previously know existed.

        Between that and all this talk of Hot Pockets (Me-YOW!), it blew my circuits.

  3. thickcrust says:

    What a coincidence. I just read this post, but an hour after you wrote it I was on my way to the LES to get my hair cut. The Pickle Guys is just up the street, so I stopped by and got a quart of the 2nd best pickles in the world.

    • YOU CUT YOUR HAIR? I was under the impression we were growing ours out together until we had enough to make a Locks of Love wig. Not that we’d actually donate our hair, selfish as we are, but we’d make a wig just to have it and to keep it from the cancer patients.

      So, admit it: did you get the half-sours? And what are the 1st best?

      • thickcrust says:

        I like dill pickles, the hotter the better. If I am unfortunate enough to bite into a half-sour, I spit it out. If I accidentally bite into a sweet pickle, I vomit before the first drop of pickle juice enters my throat.

        • Wow, I was totally interested into commenting on that tongue action that pickle was getting on that picture but now after hearing Adam go on and on about biting on shyt and not wanting to swallow I can’t.

          Sooooo Katie close your eyes on this one because you can always count on me to take it to the next level and you’re not grown enough to read this ;-)

          Adam know damn well I have to throw some heat at you on this one for forcing me to read about you eating pickles and juice in your throat!!! WTF that’s like a really bad porno!

          Dude (Wo)Man Up!!!
          You sound like most chicks I’ve dated. Chicks are scared that it might taste too salty or sour, but then I let them know that I drink a quart of pineapple juice every day, so I’m sweet like candy. So dude go ahead and swallow. Cuz you know you want to. Its just a pickle.
          (I suppose you use Nair to remove your leg hair too….what else are we gonna learn about you)