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To Not Letting Fall Slip Away

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I know Fall isn’t even close to over–especially having spent the weekend in Miami, where it was still 80 degrees–but I’m getting scared for Winter and figured I should post these October pictures before corn and zombies are nonsensical.

Union Square, NYC

I’d like to say that NYC looks this dirty all of the time, but really, Kamran and I were in Union Square after a street fair had just ended. Street fairs here are mostly awful–picture blocks and blocks of stands, only they’re the same smoothie, sunglasses, and bedsheets vendors alternating over and over–but no New Yorker can resist the opportunity to walk down the center of a usually-crowded street.

Union Square, NYC

I love how gothic this building looks against the overcast sky:

Union Square, NYC

The famous magic wand in Union Square is known to stream steam at intervals, but I had never noticed the hand reaching out from above it. Halloween prank or totally-normal-thing-I’d-just-never-noticed?

Union Square, NYC

Lovely corn in the Union Square Greenmarket:

Union Square, NYC

This zombie locked eyes on us from across the park, and we both tried to ignore it until it was clear that he was ambling right for us on his stiff zombie legs. We accepted the haunted house flier he was handing out and admired his costume as he stopped to let me take his picture, but after he started hunting another couple, we realized that we figured him for a Halloween stunt all along and never once considered that he could be an actual lunatic. We’re clearly unprepared for a zombie uprising.

Union Square, NYC

Campbell’s Gets the Last Laugh at the Andy Warhol Monument

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While in Union Square the other night, Kamran and I noticed that the Andy Warhol Monument had been defaced:

Andy Warhol Monument NYC

Andy Warhol Monument NYC

Andy Warhol Monument NYC

The question is: was it done out of love (an admirer playing a bit of a practical joke) or out of hate (a fellow artist scorning Andy with the very thing that he’s remembered by most)? Either way, I think it’s brilliant.

Wait Your Turn, Grandma

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I met a friend for dinner Tuesday night and told her I was so glad to be seeing her just so I could get this story off of my chest and never have to publicly admit to it, but of course I have to publicly admit to it. It’s not that I think I was in the wrong, because I know I was in the right, but I still can’t help feeling guilty about physically intimidating an old lady in the train. Yes. You read that right.

I was on the R coming uptown from work. As the train neared Union Square, I turned off my Kindle and casually headed for the door. I don’t like to rush right over and potentially block someone who might be in a bigger hurry than I am, but I also need to make it clear that I’m getting off so I don’t get trapped inside the car by all the crazy people coming in. Because they are always crazy.

So by the time the train came to a stop, I was firmly in front of the doors and ready to plow through the group outside on the platform who were inching closer and closer like classic horror-movie zombies in a feeding frenzy. I could see that there was this wiry white-shirted person right in front of one of the windows, but I didn’t make eye contact, because it’s easier to make people think I might cut them if I don’t show them my innocent, doe-like eyes.

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Public Bathing is Better Than Public Urination, I Suppose

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I’ll admit that it was well after midnight when I spotted this sign in the Union Square train station, but even if my brain had been functioning at normal daytime levels, I’m pretty sure my first thought would’ve been the same.

I imagine there’s some sort of equipment behind the door that can’t get wet, but all I can picture is so many homeless people inexplicably bathing themselves outside of this particular door that the MTA had to put a sign up to discourage it.

(also posted to Examiner)

“Adventureland” is the New “Juno” or Something

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My friend Beth and I went to see Adventureland last night in its last night at the theatre near Union Square. It features Bill Hader, who I have totally seen twice while living in New York, but even without an appearance by one of my very best friends I’ve never actually spoken to, it was a seriously great movie: funny, beautiful, and very touching.

I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but I loved that New York–where I live now–was idling in the background while the characters lived out their lives in the Midwest, where I’m from. Everything they did felt so familiar to me, so college-y and carefree, and I got very nostalgic for those simpler days when I was all idealistic about what I’d make of myself. At the same time, the relationship in it felt so much like what I have now with the good doctor; all of the excitement and the closeness they felt was exactly what I feel with Kamran. There was a point when Kristen Stewart–who is totally great in this movie, for all of you who hated her after Twilight (which I didn’t see but heard horrible things about)–looks at Jesse Eisenberg and says something like, “You’re the coolest boy I’ve ever met. And the cutest.” And I totally made out with Beth at that moment and pretended it was Kamran, because that’s just what I think about him.

ANYWAY, did anyone else see this thing? Am I the only one who liked it?