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Oh, hello there.

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I’ve been in Ohio for the past week, visiting my family and friends.

And you?

Candy Corn Fire!

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This stop-motion video is so neat I almost cried over my lack of creativity:

The cutting up the Rubik’s Cube was the part that really got me.

Thanks to Meagan over at Fancy Island for bringing it to my attention. And by “bring it to my attention”, I mean “putting it in her blog with absolutely no specific intention of my seeing it”.

Due to Their Laxative Effects, Please Keep Your Nigroid Consumption to Ten Pellets Per Day

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From the Products That Shouldn’t Exist and the Too Good to Be True files, my boyfriend Kamran brings us


the sweet licorice-flavored expectorant throat lozenge from the folks who brought you

The Cadbury Egg, which usually comes in candy form and not truck form.

There’s absolutely no mention of the name being racially-tied at all, but COME ON. And it’s totally not an antiquated product like you’d think; there are several websites offering them for purchase. Don’t you just love the idea of pulling your tin of breath mints from your pocket in public and asking your friends, “Anyone care for a Nigroid?”

Kamran says that their slogan should be “Nigroid Please”, but even with a catchy jingle, it’d be a hard sell once people find out about the major side effect,

Nigroid teeth.

Read LiveJournal Friends-Only Entries in Google Reader

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I posted recently in my old LiveJournal about how annoyed I was by the fact that Google Reader wouldn’t allow me to see locked entries, even when I was logged into LiveJournal. None of my LJ friends had found a workaround, so pre-“Project Runway” last night, I did a little Googling, and the first result that popped up was Scatmania’s LiveJournal for Google Reader.

It’s so easy: you go to the website, sign in with your LJ username, and up pops a list of all your LJ Friends. Click on the Google icon next to the person’s name, and voila!, the journal’s added to your Google Reader complete with Friends-Only entries. Now I don’t have to scroll through my endless Friends page to read the journals that I really want to keep up with, and I can see all of someone’s new entries together if he posts multiple times in one day.

Now that I’m using it, I seriously can’t imagine how my life could get much better. This is one of those things that makes me go, “OMG, the Internet is amazing,” even if the word scatmania has really gross connotations for me.


Update 2010-12-07: Since this service hasn’t worked in quite some time, I recommend Free My Feed instead.