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The Best of Barbie Jewelry and Mixed Media

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I was reading an article in New York magazine this morning about the biggest scandals in New York history and a particular crime called “The Preppie Murder”. In 1986, they said, “handsome, blue-eyed, and six-foot-four” Robert Chambers strangled a woman in Central Park and while out on bail, “had the bad judgment” to be videotaped “twisting the head of a Barbie doll and saying, in a falsetto voice, ‘Oops! I think I killed it,’ while looking into the camera with leering, satanic delight.”

Awesome, right?! Well, I couldn’t find the video online, but I did find this super-awesome, super-creepy Barbie art by Etsy seller G. Jarvis Jewelry, etc..

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the shop:

1) Ken and Ken Knuckle Ring
2) Barbie and Ken Embrace
3) Leg Man
4) Barbie Face Necklace
5) You Can Have It All (I noticed that this link is no longer working, so I instead offer you these babies in a bottlecap.)
6) Barbie Arm Earrings

I feel like it’s pretty ridiculous that I don’t already own that Ken-on-Ken ring, right?

So. Weird. -Ly awesome!