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The Best Natural Deodorant

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My hunt has been a long and arduous one, but I’ve finally found the best natural, aluminum-free deodorant for me. I’ve been trying to switch to natural deodorant for months now. There’s no hard evidence that traditional commercial deodorants cause breast cancer, but there’s enough Internet worrying about it that I took notice. Then there’s the fact that the aluminum in those store-bought deodorants works by blocking your body’s natural attempts to sweat. Then there’s the fact that aluminum is apparently what causes those yellow stains in the armpits of your favourite white shirts. I use natural shampoo and natural make-up and natural oils and butters, so why not natural, aluminum-free deodorant?

Well, it turns out I’m really sensitive to them. I first tried pure baking soda mixed with a little water to make a paste. Then I tried Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant. Then Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Deodorant with Lavender. Then Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Wild Lavender Deodorant. Then an Aromaco bar from LUSH. I even tried a men’s deodorant that didn’t claim to have any anti-perspirant properties at all. All of them turned my innocent armpits into a rashy mess. Sometimes it’d take days for the redness to set in, and I’d be hopeful for a moment, but it’d eventually turn up in every case.

I wanted to give up a couple of times and go back to my tried-and-true commercial deodorant, but I’d been through the two-or-three-week detoxifying period where my body was supposedly getting used to the lack of aluminum and expelling all of its pent-up nastiness, and I hated to lose my momentum. But because of the rashes, I kept trying to go without any deodorant at all, and I was tired of smelling myself at night when I was trying to sleep.

And then I read my friend Cassie‘s blog post about her very sensitive armpits and her switch to Bubble & Bee‘s ‘Pit Putty in Geranium Lime. She’d had all of the same problems I had and swore ‘Pit Putty actually worked and didn’t upset her fussy skin. So I bought two sticks of the stuff (along with a couple of lip balms, because I can’t resist flavors like coconut-lime).

DREAM COME TRUE. I noticed even on the first day of use that something just felt . . . different . . . from the other natural deodorants I’d tried. Over the next couple of weeks, I felt like my body really was getting used to the ‘Pit Putty in a way that it hadn’t with the others. I seemed to stink less every day and to need less of the stuff. I love the way it smells so citrusy, and I love that it instantly deodorizes me even if I’ve been lazing around the house for hours like unemployed people are wont to do. I’ve been applying it two or three times daily as my body gets used to it, and I’ve never had a problem with skin sensitivity.

Bubble & Bee 'Pit Putty

It was going on kind of crumbly at first so that I had to rub in the flakes after I applied it, but I’ve found that if I twist it up so that it’s just peeking over the sides of the container, I don’t have any crumbling. It feels like powder going on, and it keeps feeling like powder all day long. It doesn’t leave any residue on my clothes, and my clothes never come off smelling funky like they did with other natural deodorants. I have no complaints, only praise. I highly recommend that you try ‘Pit Putty if you’d like to make the switch to natural deodorant, and I suggest getting the Geranium Lime or Original scents without baking soda in case you have the same sensitivities I spent so many months dealing with.

After just a few weeks with ‘Pit Putty, I finally feel like I’ve found something that’s not only as good as my old deodorant but actually better. Huge, huge thanks to Cassie and to Bubble & Bee.

On Living Gently

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I saw this on Pinterest last night:

I hate unattributable inspirational quotes in general, but I love this one specifically.

how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you

I’ve been arguing with so many people lately (Jack) about how I have to be faking how well I’m dealing with Kamran’s physical absence from my life, but maybe I’m just gracefully letting go of something that wasn’t meant for me.

And if we’re being honest, the level at which I’m dealing with things varies from day to day. Sometimes, this life I’ve been living for the past almost-three months seems so normal to me it’s hard to remember that there was a time before I lived in my own apartment 100% of the time, before I did everything with Jack and Nik and Ash and Kim, before I had to wonder if I’ll ever find such a match again. But sometimes, I think about how I spent more than SIX YEARS knowing who My Person was, and now I don’t know anymore.

I mean, I guess My Uninterrupted Person is Tracey, my BFF since 7th grade. But we live states apart. And there was this moment on our Puerto Rico vacation last month when she wasn’t there and I thought everyone wanted to go horseback riding but me, and I just felt so alone for a moment, remembering that two months prior, I belonged to someone, and he belonged to me, and if I told him I felt weird about work animals, he would understand and would go to the pool with me instead, and he wouldn’t even mind missing out on the horseback riding because nothing felt better to him than supporting his Person.

I’ve loved so much, though, and have been so lucky in who’s loved me. How can I not gracefully accept my current circumstances when I’m so grateful for my past ones?

The Best of Barbie Jewelry and Mixed Media

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I was reading an article in New York magazine this morning about the biggest scandals in New York history and a particular crime called “The Preppie Murder”. In 1986, they said, “handsome, blue-eyed, and six-foot-four” Robert Chambers strangled a woman in Central Park and while out on bail, “had the bad judgment” to be videotaped “twisting the head of a Barbie doll and saying, in a falsetto voice, ‘Oops! I think I killed it,’ while looking into the camera with leering, satanic delight.”

Awesome, right?! Well, I couldn’t find the video online, but I did find this super-awesome, super-creepy Barbie art by Etsy seller G. Jarvis Jewelry, etc..

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the shop:

1) Ken and Ken Knuckle Ring
2) Barbie and Ken Embrace
3) Leg Man
4) Barbie Face Necklace
5) You Can Have It All (I noticed that this link is no longer working, so I instead offer you these babies in a bottlecap.)
6) Barbie Arm Earrings

I feel like it’s pretty ridiculous that I don’t already own that Ken-on-Ken ring, right?

So. Weird. -Ly awesome!

Stuff I Like: Favourites of the Moment

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I’ve been switching between Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash and my regular non-natural shampoos for a while now, but I read recently that the sulfates in most shampoos are really bad for letting curly hair be curly. So I’m going all Burt’s Bees now. It’s sulfate-, paraben-, phthalate-, and petrochemical-free, and it leaves my hair soft and shiny.

It’s thinner than other shampoos, so I usually start out with a tiny amount so I make sure not to lose any, rinse that, and then wash again with another tiny amount. I tried Johnson’s Kids Natural 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash because it’s a little cheaper and found that while I also like the way it leaves my hair, the fact that it’s naturally non-foaming just doesn’t work for me; I like to be able to feel my shampoo doing its job. Plus, I think “Baby Bee” is about the cutest name ever for a product.

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo at

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo at

I already sang the praises of the super-soft EcoTools kabuki brush with its own lid, so when I started feeling like my BareMinerals brushes were a little too scratchy, I immediately looked for a suitable EcoTools alternative.

This brushes are so soft you’ll wanna wipe your butt with them. The kabuki is dense enough for full-coverage, the foundation brush will take care of your everyday powder needs, and the eye shading brush is perfect for undereye makeup. The concealer brush is just like the BareMinerals concealer brush if the BareMinerals one was made with hair plucked from a kitten’s head, and the pouch (mine is zippered) makes it so I can leave a set of these in my desk drawer at work without the brushes coming out caked in pencil shavings and tequila.

I’ve read reviews where people actually said the EcoTools brushes are too soft for them, but I guess not everyone has the skin of a newborn baby seal. (Is that a good metaphor? I have no idea what baby seal skin is like.) The point is that these brushes are perfect, and I continue to LOVE EcoTools.

EcoTools 5-piece brush set at

EcoTools 5-piece brush set at

(The brush set is ridiculously cheap at Amazon right now, but shipping is faster through, and Ebates will give you 6% cash back through, so take your pick.)

Giant Gummy Bears on the Streets of NYC

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On one of our weekend walks around the city, Kamran and I ran into an installation called “Bear Forest” by Spanish artist dEmo in the THE LAB gallery in the Roger Smith hotel. Imagine the wonder of rounding a corner and coming face to face with a roomful of these:

Bear Forest by dEmo at LAB Gallery

Bear Forest by dEmo at LAB Gallery

Bear Forest by dEmo at LAB Gallery

Bear Forest by dEmo at LAB Gallery

Bear Forest by dEmo at LAB Gallery

Gummy bears! With pectoral muscles! And questionable intentions! (Am I right in thinking that these things could be straight out of a cute-things-turned-deadly horror movie, a la Gremlins?)

Overnight New York, where I got all the information about the exhibit–because of course I was too busy daydreaming about gnawing on some bear bellies to actual take note of what this was–says the exhibit goes away on March 30th, so see it while you can!