Abandoned Food

Kamran: What makes you so interested in abandoned food?
me: I don’t know. I really like food, and I always wonder why someone would just leave it there. I would pick that shit up and dust that shit off.
Kamran: I would do that, too.
me: Really?
Kamran: Yeah, I mean pick it up. And then throw it away.
me: Oh, no, I’d totally be willing to eat it.
Kamran: What about a pepper dropped in the subway?
me: Sure.
Kamran: You’d just pick that up and bite into it?
me: Yeah, absolutely, ’cause you can wash that.
Kamran: You can’t wash off the subway. You can’t wash off New York City. New York City gets under the skin.

This was the very first, some lonesome transportation vegetation spotted on the F train.

Spotted outside Halloween Adventure along Broadway, this one is especially sad for me,
because dropping something after one delicious bite seems so much worse than after not tasting it at all.

My boyfriend and I saw this right outside his apartment building, but everyone there is rich,
so I suppose a lost bagel isn’t a big deal to them. There was a trash can approximately
6 inches from the bagel, it should be noted.

In this entry, my arch nemesis tells the tale of this pretzel dropped in a Target parking lot
and considers whether or not she would’ve eaten it. Naturally she chose no,
because she’s not nearly as hardcore as I am.

While wandering one of NYC’s weekend street fairs, my boyfriend and I
considered buying a couple of pickles from a vendor but were disappointed
to find that they could only be purchased by the pint. Later, we happened
to be standing behind the vendor’s tent when he attempted to toss
this half-pickle into a trashcan but instead hit the rim, causing it to bounce
onto the sidewalk undetected.

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