Gearing Up for the NYC Fashion Week After Party

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You may remember the first New York Fashion Week after party and benefit I shot for The Set NYC. Well, I’m shooting the same event for them this Friday and realized I never showed you the photos from the last party of theirs I did back in November. I KNOW.

I love doing these events, because they give me a chance to chance to try out “interesting” editing under the guise of being “fashionable”. Because if this looks good, then so do these:

NYC Fashion Week After Party

NYC Fashion Week After Party

NYC Fashion Week After Party

NYC Fashion Week After Party

And hey, some of my friends even came out that night to “support me”. Meaning “pick up models”:

NYC Fashion Week After Party

The rest of the set, if you’re so inclined, is on my Ettible Photography Facebook Page.


  1. Jessica R. says:

    Love them all, especially the second one!

  2. Kelly Powell says:

    You’re officially a Fashion Week photographer. JEALOUS.

    I know you’re going to kill it, but good luck anyway!

  3. Ah, yes! I remember being jealous of these on F.B.
    I’m REALLY excited about seeing your photos.
    And pre-jealous.

  4. Lisa says:

    These are so awesome!! Love all the vibrant colors and how they’re super dramatic.

  5. Landlord says:

    Man, that last one is definitely the best.

  6. Kim says:

    Yeah, so who is the guy in that first photo? Are you Facebook friends?

  7. Dishy says:

    Pretty amazing stuff, babe. Can’t wait to see the pix from this year’s do!

  8. Cassie says:

    I know you want me to pump up your ego by commenting here. I did, however, do this the last time you posted these photos. REPOSTER.

    Oh who am I kidding. I love you.