Crazy Cat Lady

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Like I told Cassie today, I took 238 pictures while I was home in Ohio for Thanksgiving last week, and 237 of them were of Tracey‘s cats. (The other one was of myself, naturally.)

I can’t quite tell if cats are like kids in that they’re only cute if you actually know them (or have read extensive blog posts showcasing their darling personalities), so these pictures might make your day or cause your hand to cramp from all of the lord-just-get-me-through-this mouse-scrolling.

Tracey's Cats

Tracey's Cats

Tracey's Cats

Rupert is the loving one. He’ll slink around the kitchen when he knows you’re in the living room and just meow his fool head off, waiting for you to pay attention to him. He’s always the first to play with any toy and the last to cut your thigh open while you’re just trying to trim his nails, though he will politely box your face.

Tracey's Cats

Tracey's Cats

Graham has been the shy one ever since Tracey and her husband, Dan, bought a house and moved him from the apartment they had when they first adopted him. When he was a kitten, he was the frolickiest thing I’d ever seen; one of my fondest/scariest memories of spending the night in Tracey and Dan’s old apartment is sleeping on the couch and waking up to see Graham jumping from the armrest to the back of the couch, claws splayed out as he flew over my head.

Tracey's Cats

But Graham is also the most easily-entertained. Tracey keeps scraps of paper from her scrapbooking and taunts Graham by pushing strips of it in between DVDs on their bookcase so that it hangs out over the shelf, way too high for him to ever reach. He and Rupert will sit staring at these things for minutes at a time, making this little noise that they taught each other to do by clicking their jaws up and down.

Tracey's Cats

Tracey's Cats

Tracey's Cats

Tracey's Cats


Tracey's Cats

Tracey's Cats

Tracey's Cats

Tracey's Cats

Tracey's Cats

Tracey claimed that Rupert likes it when she does this. And then he immediately bit her.

Tracey's Cats

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I think I can officially be called a crazy cat lady now.


  1. Cassie says:


    Those photos turned out fabulous! It truly makes up for the fact that you took 10,000 pictures of cats when you were there…visiting family.

  2. Ash says:

    That one with the bookcase is so precious. They definitely have more interesting personalities than most dogs. I forgot how much I love cats until I owned one again. Don’t tell Gizmo.

  3. Loren says:

    I was trying to decide if your title referred to you or your friend. But now I’m pretty sure it’s both. That is a LOT of cat photos.

  4. Frenchie says:

    My cats make that noise, too, when they look at things they want to kill. Mostly birds. Kind of a stuttery meow?
    Cats are the shit. Crazy cat lady 4 lyfe.

  5. Dishy says:

    Did you ever read the post I wrote on being a crazy cat lady?

    (you are welcome!)

    Tracey’s cats are very cute and I can’t believe how H-U-G-E their pupils are, they must have been putting on their EXTRA cute faces for the camera. A++

  6. Lisa says:

    OMG they are so adorable. That second shot reminds me of the face Puss in Boots uses when he’s trying to get someone to bend to his will.

  7. Jessica says:

    That picture of the cat on the bookshelf is awesome. Will you come photograph my cats? One is really fat and skiddish… it would be fun for you.

  8. Natalie says:

    Oh these photos are gorgeous and such pretty kitties!!

  9. Kim says:

    Probably my favorite post of yours of all time. They are SO CUTE.
    Please come over and do a photoshoot of my cat now.

  10. Tracey says:

    You think YOU’re the crazy cat lady? You’re not the one who saw this post on your phone last night and snuggled the cats aggressively and against their will and saying, “Who’s a pretty-kitty-Internet-star?! It’s YOU! Yes you ARE! Yes you ARE!”

    Seriously, though. These pictures are sooooo good. I’m having visions of dressing them up for the next shoot. Maybe we need to find tiny cat sombreros and take them to ChiChi’s. Or should we pick out wigs? ( )

  11. serial says:

    My only comment is that I approve of the comment above by landlord.

    Please tell me you tried to throw one of the cats over the house.

  12. stela says:

    They are super precious! I love how graham always looks alert!

  13. Jen says:

    I sort of hate cats. You make them look tolerable. Can they take out the trash?

  14. Megan says:

    So cute! I love cat pictures. I have a whole album on my desktop for photos of my cat… let’s just say it’s a really big folder. I think I’m borderline crazy cat lady myself.

  15. Our cat has been living at my wife’s parent’s house (since our new place apparently doesn’t allow pets). Which I have to admit has been very… strange. I am starting to heal up nicely, though. So there is that.
    Beautiful work, U.M.!

  16. Hey Can I borrow that cat??? We may be able to use it for a certain Ratbuster’s experiment fun activity that I’m sure he will enjoy

  17. Oooooh, becoming a crazy cat lady is sort of my dream future :D
    I love cats soooo much!

  18. No, those are some pretty cute cats.

    You know, they say that when you love your subject, you take the best pictures. Just sayin’, crazy cat lady.