Doughy Deschanel, Zooey’s Fat Sister

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I haven’t legitimately dressed up for Halloween for ages. Everybody else is already the Internet meme of the moment, and spending the night sweating in a rented gorilla costume doesn’t seem fun, and I don’t have enough boob to be Slutty Strawberry Shortcake or whatever.

But this year, my costume idea happened so organically I couldn’t not do it. My friend Anthony and I were sitting at lunch one day, discussing an article I’d just read about Zooey Deschanel. I may or may not have been rambling, and he may or may not have said Zooey’s name in an offensive voice just to shut me up, and it may or may not have come out sounding like “Doughy Deschanel”.

Okay, actually, it did come out sounding like “Doughy Deschanel”, and I said, “That’s the name of Zooey’s fat sister.”

And then we were both like, “Oh, crap, that’s the greatest Halloween costume ever.” So I bought myself a faux-vintage Modcloth dress, donned my pink velvet shoes that I so rarely get to wear, and used it as an excuse to buy a black wig and have straight hair for a night.

Doughy Deschanel, Zooey's Fat Sister

Doughy Deschanel, Zooey's Fat Sister

Doughy Deschanel, Zooey's Fat Sister

Doughy Deschanel, Zooey's Fat Sister

Doughy Deschanel, Zooey's Fat Sister

Great Halloween costume or greatest Halloween costume?


  1. Cassie says:

    Won’t lie. You look pretty damn hot.

    Big glasses give me a lady boner.

    • katie ett says:

      You. Me. The glasses. Your new camera skillz. A couple of sports bras. Later tonight. Whatever city in Jersey is the halfway point between here and there. BIGTIME HUMPING.

      (I was going to add “your kids” in there somewhere just because I want to meet them but decided that would be creepy.)

  2. Great concept, so it’s a terrific costume, but yeah, like Cassie said, you look super hot.

    (In an awesome way, not in a “slutty firefighter” kind of way.)

    • katie ett says:

      I don’t think I’ve seen a slutty firefighter yet. Good one! So many opportunities for hose jokes.

      One of my friends went as Slutty Harry Potter one year. Not slutty Hermione Granger but Slutty Harry Potter, which was the weird part. The video of her roommate cutting holes in her Little Red Riding Hood costume to make it sluttier is my #1 video on YouTube in terms of views, though, so I can’t complain.

      • Julie says:

        I bought a slutty firefighter costume once…it was a hat and coat with a red faux leather bikini. But this is Ohio in October, and it was an outdoor keg party on Lane Avenue, so I wore the coat and hat over jeans and a turtleneck sweater.

        • katie ett says:

          Woooooow, you just totally changed every perception I had about you. Faux leather, red bikini, keg party, slutty firefighter. I’m astounded.

  3. Serial says:

    Did you act adorkable all night?

    Also, please go ahead and photoshop yourself into a photo of Zooey and her big sister who I can’t call anything but Bones. I’d like to frame it and set it on my nightstand.

  4. anne k says:

    So my husband just asked if you were married…or seeing anyone. I punched him. But yes, you do look adorable, in a manic pixie dream girl kinda way ;-)

    • katie ett says:

      Oh, awesome! Tell him I’m totally available if he’s asking and don’t remind him that I accidentally confused him with JD from the science museum once.

      • anne says:

        Yeah, I won’t mention the JD thing since it happens all the time!! Not too many cute black boys listen to indie music around here, apparently…..

        • katie ett says:

          Not too many cute black boys LIVE around there in general. So you’d think I could keep them straight.

  5. Dishy says:

    Can’t tell if it’s the glasses, the wig or my iPhone but you look very Asian to me! Like a beautiful Doughy anime hybrid!

    Happy Halloween!!!

    • katie ett says:

      Yeah, preeeeeeeetty sure that wig was meant for some freaky Japanese fantasy roleplay stuff, but I really couldn’t find a brown, straight wig for some reason. I guess everyone’s trying to go blonde.

      Happy Halloween!

  6. Andrea says:

    You look great with long hair! Ever thought of growing yours out??

    Such a cute and witty costume! :)

    • katie ett says:

      Ugh, I tried growing mine out this summer, but it’s just so curly that even when it was well past my shoulders wet, it was still well above them dry. The wig was totally comfortable, though, so maybe I should get a couple of long ones just for fun!


  7. karinya says:


    • katie ett says:

      Oh, Karinya, I’m so glad you commented here, because I have to tell you that your Facebook wall has been killing it lately. The Ted Bundy thing was so funny I had to read it out loud to Kamran, and the gunshot thing, and the hug thing . . . but they’re all old updates now, and I didn’t want your friends who commented on them to have to get an e-mail from Facebook today saying, “Katie Ett wrote: HAHAHAHAHA u r teh funny” for every one.

  8. Lisa says:

    You win. Best costume of 2011, no contest.

    • katie ett says:

      Thank you, thank you. And now with this award to proudly display on my mantle, I never have to dress up again.

  9. Red Stapler says:

    You look way too cute for that to be just a costume.

    • katie ett says:

      If I refer to it as a uniform instead of a costume, that makes it cool for me to wear it every day from now on, right? And not wash it.

  10. Kim says:

    Obsessed with you. This is flawless.
    And that’s an excellent red lip.

    • katie ett says:

      It’s totally supposed to be pink! I tried L’oreal’s True Red (couldn’t find the Revlon one you recommended), and it’s crazy orange on me, but somehow the Blushing Berry looks red on me. WTF.

      (I totally agree with you about the singing.)

  11. Loren says:

    This costume is Amaze-balls. Love it. The glasses are adorable. I can never tell Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry apart, so for a minute I was confused and then I remembered Zooey Descheanel is the not as slutty one.

    • katie ett says:

      “Amaze-balls” hit me in just the right place. I’ll try to credit you when I use it, because I WILL use it.

      “Not as slutty” is a really nice compliment, relatively speaking.

    • Emily says:

      She’s also the “can actually sing and act” one. Katy Perry is the “why bother?” one. But Emily Deschanel is still my favorite, because a) her name is Emily (obvs) and b) I’m completely incapable of separating her from her character, who is a science nerd, and science nerds are super hot/awesome.

      • katie ett says:

        I haven’t seen that show but understand that the people who like it REALLY like it. Wonder if I can find it on Netflix . . .

        I don’t want to try to change your mind about Katy Perry, because she does Proactiv commercials and all, but I have to say that I LOVE her cover of this song, imperfections and all (or imperfections especially):

  12. Cindie says:

    I love it, you look great! I’m such a sucker for red lipstick and pearls, so classy.

    • katie ett says:

      Ooooh, thanks. I’m not sure calling yourself the “fat sister” is Jackie Kennedy classy, but it may be “Real Housewives of New York” classy, which is good enough for me.

  13. Soo good!
    I love everyhting about this, the lips, the dress, the glasses… you should rock this in real life, too! :]

    • katie ett says:

      It IS kind of fun wearing clothes worth photographing. Now I get why you and the rest of the cool girls like playing dress-up for the camera!

  14. Jessica R. says:

    You look fantastic! You win for best costume.

    Also, my “Red Revolution” Maybelline lipstick looks hot pink too. What gives?

    • katie ett says:

      For me, I imagine that it’s partly that I apparently have really red undertones to begin with. When I was an extra in Julie and Julia, the makeup artist complained for days about how hard it was to cover up my redness. (Redness that I of course had no idea existed and don’t make any effort to cover up.)

      So, maybe if you have reddish skin, too . . . otherwise, no idea.

  15. welfy says:

    You’re so beautiful! And I love the wig! Wow. I love how straight it is. My hair never wants to be straight.

    • katie ett says:

      Thanks! I think most people would kill for hair that straight, and I was amazed at how I didn’t have to worry about wind and humidity or any of that stuff. Ahhhh, wigs. I can see you being a wig person, actually.

  16. Tessa says:

    This is wonderful in all kinds of ways…

    But I still like your curly hair better. :)

    • katie ett says:

      THANK YOU. When I showed up at work on Monday, one of my co-workers who was at the party was like, “Something’s wrong with your hair today.” Grr.

  17. Cassie says:

    Oh snap. Your ego isn’t going to be able to fit through the door here, soon, Katie.

  18. Carly says:

    Oh my. This is just too good…

    Well done, my friend. Well done.

    • katie ett says:

      Thank you, thank you. I already have my seamstresses working on my wedding dress for next year’s Fat Carly costume.

  19. stela says:

    You look adorable! Greatest halloween costume!

    • katie ett says:

      Thank you! I kind of get the interest in “being someone else” for the night now. I still don’t get Slutty Strawberry Shortcake, though . . .

  20. Tracey says:

    Ugh, SO cute. I need to print that open-mouthed smile picture and keep it with me at all times so that I can be cheered up immediately if anything ever gets me down.

    Did you spend the whole night singing and playing up the cloying cuteness?

    • katie ett says:

      That’s what puppies are for! And this picture of Evelyn that Kamran says we should print out for Katie for Christmas.

      I think I spent the whole night eating brownies and making sure Kamran didn’t fall over in his tunnel-vision monkey mask, but I’m sure I did them really cutely.

  21. I stumbled on this and I have to admit….

    I’m obsessed with:
    – Your photos.
    – Your adorable blog.
    – Your wit and quip.

    I’ll be back.
    OH YES.

    • katie ett says:

      Whoo! An unnumbered list highlighting the ways in which I am beloved? Best comment ever!

      I’m so glad you found me, and I will now be stalking your blonde bombshell butt via your blog for the next hour.

  22. Julie says:

    Isn’t straight hair awesome?! I swore I loved my curls, but once I figured out an easy way to keep it straight…I haven’t been wearing it curly at all. For like a month.

    Love the dress. Love the shoes. Love love love!

    You look great.

    • katie ett says:

      Wow, I didn’t even know it was possible for hair that curly to ever stay straight. Especially “easily”. Crazy! I just went to see if I could find any pictures of it on Facebook, and I’ll admit that it doooooooooes look nice. But don’t abandon me forever!

      Thank you!

  23. Jen says:

    A-MAY-ZING. I can almost hear the indie music / retro honky tonk soundtrack that Doughy surely would have been listening to.

    • katie ett says:

      YOU WOULD THINK. Instead, the party we went to was playing a hell of a lot of Britney and Rhianna.

      Wait, I’m sorry, why didn’t my browser just underline her name to show that it’s spelled wrong. Does Rhianna exist in Chrome’s dictionary? That makes it much worse for me.

      Oh, wait, it’s because I’m spelling her name wrong. It’s Rihanna. And Rhianna is apparently a UK r&b act? So why does Chrome like Rhianna but not Rihanna?

      Wow, is this the best comment reply ever or what?

  24. Natalie says:

    BEST. COSTUME. EVER. I may just be a little in love with Doughy!

    • katie ett says:

      Doughy may just be a little in love with YOU. I was just reading your “about” page and saw that Labyrinth is your favourite movie. My best friend and I have probably watched that 50 times since junior high! And I love all of your fashion posts but will try to ignore your body-positive posts so I’m not tempted to stop going to the gym like I want to.

  25. Have I ever told you how much I love you? This is so damn brilliant! I have the biggest girl crush in the world on Zooey! So now, naturally, I have the biggest girl crush in the world on you. You can now expect me to send secret admirer notes to you.

    • katie ett says:

      Yes yes yes! You know, in 1st grade, one of my friends and I shared a boyfriend who’d write a love note, give it to one of us, and ask her to give it to the other one when she was done. So maybe I can share my secret admirer notes from you with Zooey. You know, when we get together with our family for the holidays.


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