Pinch Day!

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My dad, always a little too quick to torture my sister and me when we were kids, probably invented Pinch Day one year when he realized he’d spoiled us with too many gifts yet again. It’s the day after your birthday, the day when everyone can make up for how nicely they treated you the day before by pinching the crap out of you.

Similarly always a little too quick to torture, I’m sure I introduced my best friend, Tracey, to Pinch Day quite soon after we became inseparable in 7th grade. And since she’s the perfect best friend, she had these flowers sent to me at work yesterday:

with this note:

How personal and sweet, right?

My roommate/landlord/co-worker, Jack, recently wrote me this little questionnaire while I was on the phone with Tracey one day:

And it’s true–TV, movies, and leading insanely interesting lives does fuel our conversations. But just plain loving each other for almost 30 years doesn’t hurt anything. Thanks for making my Pinch Day special, Tracey!


  1. That’s the cutest thing ever! I’m going to make my best friend send me flowers everyday.

  2. 1. This totally made me tear up a little.

    GOD, this baby needs to be born TODAY. IT IS TAKING OVER MY BRAIN.

    2. Great photo of you! Love the necklace.

    3. I had a third thing, but I forgot what it was while I was typing. See #1 re. brain-eating baby.

    4. Oh, wait! I think I was going to say that that was really sweet of Tracey. I’ve never sent Dr. Brandi flowers a day in my life, but maybe I should start next year.

  3. Cassie says:

    How sweet! And I mean that. There’s not a bit of sarcasm at all in my voice (well, typing.)

    What is wrong with me?!

  4. Chantee says:

    I love how fucking fantastic you look in this pic. The flowers are nice too. Maybe it’s your great camera. Either way, you look great.

  5. Jessica R. says:

    I love best friends. What an awesome thing for her to do. And I love the Pinch Day tradition.

    I can also talk to my bff for hours on end.

  6. Tessa says:

    I don’t know if Pinch Day or Tickle Day would terrify me more.

  7. Dishy says:

    That is so sweet! You look beautiful and the flowers are gorgeous. Well done, Tracey!

    Can’t remember the last time I got flowers.. But my birthday is TOMORROW(!!) so perhaps Friday will bring flowers instead of pinches? I hope so.

  8. Tracey says:

    The funniest thing about Pinch Day is that we’ve almost never actually pinched each other, right? We just say “Happy Pinch Day” face-to-face, over the phone, or in notes/texts/e-mails. I’ve been so well trained not to violate your personal space, I don’t know that I’d ever dare do it for real.

    I’d give you a big, wet kiss on the cheek, though. I’d just have to be really careful not to touch your hair.

  9. Lisa says:

    I love that questionnaire. I could write the same about my BFF.

  10. Amy says:

    These sorts of posts make me happy and make me miss Leslie EVER SO MUCH. Hope your birthday was pretty awesome. Cannot wait to eat yogurt with you in a few months. This time I think we should also get drunk.

  11. Kim says:

    Those flowers and your makeup application are flawless! Also, your bff is way sweeter than mine. Also, are you 30? Because I love when people are 30 before I am.

    • katie ett says:

      You bitch! I thought you said you were older than I am! Goddammit!

      But thank you. It’s funny that you say that since I’m currently writing a blog post about not knowing anything about makeup.

      (You’ll note that yours is the only comment I’m replying to, just because I wanted to yell at you.)