Haha, Remember When Sitcoms Starring Black People Used to Be on Primetime Television?

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Remember the 80s sitcom “227” starring Jackée Harry as Sandra and Marla Gibbs as Mary? Well, Kamran and I both grew up watching it, and now he loves to say “Mary” in the way that Jackée used to on the show. Which is of course something more like MAAAAAAAAAAY-ree.

And every time he does it, it CRACKS ME UP. It’s never less funny to me.

So we were on our way to our so-so dinner at Flex Mussels the other night when we spotted this doorway and somehow thought it was so serendipitous:

Of course, as soon as we took it, we realized that there’s a 227 on basically every street in NYC. But still!


  1. Cassie says:

    Jackee was on that celebrity weight loss show, wasn’t she? And Sister SISTER! Never knew how much I missed ya!

  2. anne says:

    I totally watched 227. Regina King was in it as a kid, and who can forget Jackee!?

  3. Watched it! But I really only liked Mary.

  4. I guess I don’t remember that one…
    although I can’t even remember what I did yesterday.
    It’s a cool photo even if I’m to forgetful to fully appreciate the reference, though.

  5. Dishy says:

    I loved that show! mAAAweee

    Haven’t thought about that in YEARS! The stoop fits.