Avian Holocaust

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This morning, my co-worker Anthony sent me this photo and asked, “Is this too gross to put on Facebook?”:

Dead Cardinal

I wrote back and said, “Um, NO. It’s beautiful! And it’s the state bird of Ohio.”

He said, “I knew you would appreciate it, and I agree, but I got some very strange looks while I was shooting it.”

I said, “I’ve taken more than one photo of a dead bird in my time, so I know those looks well.” I didn’t mention that I’m also the girl who takes pictures of stray food and URINE, FOR GOD’S SAKE.

Dead Bird in Revolving Doors

This one was stuck in the revolving doors of my office building. I wanted to get a really down-and-dirty picture of it, but all of my co-workers were waiting for me outside for our monthly dinner club, and the security guards were staring me down like I was some sort of freak for wanting a lasting memory of a crushed bird.

Dead Pigeon

This one was on the stairs leading up to Tudor City from the United Nations headquarters, and I appreciated that someone had . . . I don’t know . . . scooped it onto a pile of cardboard and given it something to eat but still left it there in the middle of the stairs to get stepped on in the dark? Now that I look back, I’m slightly worried that the thing was clinging to its last breath, and there I was, repeatedly flashing a bright light in its eyes for my blogging whims.


  1. Yes! My friend Noel sent me these photos of a decaying goose in a bed of flowers from her trip to Alaska in 2009:


    She wins.

  2. bluzdude says:

    Uh oh… it’s just a short flight from here to Birdie Snuff Films.

  3. Tracey says:

    So what will you name your new dead bird blog?

  4. Dishy says:


    Too sad to be witty. I love birds. We found a dead mole and disemboweled squirrel on the trail in the past week. The squirrel we left in place (it was gone yesterday) but the mole got scooped and tossed into the brush at the side. Poor little thing..

    • It’s strange to me that I actually care about these guys, too. Like, the idea that the pigeon may have still been alive and blinded by the flashes from my camera causes me real regret now. Yet you can chop right through the head of a lobster in front of me, and it’s nooooo problem.

      At least some other animal probably got a good meal out of your mole and squirrel. You’re the godmother of the trail!

  5. Jessica says:

    I have to agree, that first photo is beautiful.

    Here I seem to see dead squirrels everywhere, and they aren’t nearly as beautiful.

  6. Cassie says:

    The colors on your friend’s photo is awesome. He must use a great camera.

    • He does have a nice camera, but the colors are just caused by that dumb (and awesome) iPhone app, Hipstamatic. It really makes any boring, old picture look cool. And cool pictures look crazy.

  7. Goddamn pregnancy hormones made me cry at this post.