My Superfantastic Weekend and What I Ate

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I had such a great weekend that I’m actually going to talk about what I did rather than write some abstract post about “American Idol” or whathaveyou. Ready for this?

On Friday night, I picked Kamran up from work, and we rode the subway to Astoria, which is a neighborhood in Queens that’s getting to be known as the new Williamsburg (my previous neighborhood in Brooklyn), because it’s cheap enough that artsy, non-trust-funded types can actually afford to live there and eat from the plethora of Greek restaurants. It’s still not quite as settled as Williamsburg was, though, because there was a point where the streetlights just sort of stopped existing, and we found ourselves thinking, “Why did we agree to come to this god-forsaken borough?!”

But then we remembered we were about to eat CHICKEN, stuffed with CHEDDAR, wrapped in BACON, covered in MOLE, topped with melted MONTERREY JACK, and smothered in crumbled FETA at Fatty’s Cafe. Obviously worth it.

Lorraine seductively models the Contraband Chicken,
as if it’s not seductive enough on its own.

There were much better photos of Ash, Mike, and Lorraine,
but the look on Ash’s face here is SO GREAT.

Please tell me why Kamran posed normally in this photo with Jeff
but threw a gang sign in the photo he took with me.

On Saturday night, Kamran and I went to dinner at the famed Serendipity 3 with my longtime blogfriend Kim of Good Hair, Kim Luck. We’ve seriously been reading each other’s LiveJournals and then blog for years now but failed to meet when we both lived here, realized we probably made a mistake once she moved away for a while, and decided not to butcher it this time when she moved back recently.

The lovely and talented Kim shows off her young chicken sandwich and the hair
she had dyed especially for me, or so I tell myself.

Kamran sips espresso instead of helping me eat our giant Can’t Say No Sundae,
which included peanut butter pie, vanilla ice cream, bananas, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.

After Kim and I had been talking about “Gossip Girl” stars and handbags for 15 minutes, Kamran leaned over and whispered that Sarah Michelle Gellar was at the table next to ours with her family, which prompted us to try naming more than three things she’s been in. I failed ridiculously and didn’t slyly take a picture of Kim with Buffy in the background, but rest assured that she’ll be ceremoniously added to my list of famous people I’ve seen in NYC.

Even though Kim was in a dress and heels, we coerced her to ride the tram to Roosevelt Island with us, which is basically a 3-minute ride in the air to the tiny island next to Manhattan. We used those 3 minutes wisely, though, by loudly talking about how people from Roosevelt Island are pathetic if they think they’re part of Manhattan.

On Sunday morning, Kamran and I were treated to brunch at La Silhouette, which I think is just trying to get the word out that yes, they serve brunch, and yes, it is awesome. As if my cheesy, crusty, piled-high-with-ham croque madam wasn’t enough,

they also served us the entirety of the dessert menu. (And we secretly kind of liked their sundae better than Serendipity’s!) The full review will follow on, obviously.

Super fun times!


  1. Jessica R. says:

    I really love your food posts. That sundae made me drool on myself a little.

    So I propose, in the name of donuts4dinner, that you come to Louisiana and review some southern cuisine. (It could be a tax write off, right?) We can start in the northern part of the state and work our way down to New Orleans, by which point we will have gained approximately 20 lbs. Me, you and Kel… fun times!

  2. Dishy says:

    I usually think eggs are the ugliest things ever, but that last photo is truly a thing of beauty. So pretty! PS: I was going to go get a piece of cake from the kitchen, but now I feel full just having read this post. Thanks!

  3. I’ve never been to NYC, but I’d love to go some day! I might have to visit my kitchen first, though – I’m suddenly feeling very hungry! :)

  4. Lisa says:

    One day, I will cook an egg that looks just like that. (I’ve already been through 12 dozen trying. OK maybe not 12 dozen. But close.)

  5. tasha says:

    Yay posts about weekends!

    Mmm, Croque Madames. Now I’m craving one.

  6. Sandy says:

    You are such a rag, posting about awesome food while I’m here in China. There’s good food here, but not good food that will give me a heart attack, and that’s the food I like. Also, I need to get a campaign going to change the spelling of mole to molé, even though that doesn’t follow Spanish accenting rules. Every time I read “mole,” I picture whatever food it is with a big hairy witch mole on top. Yech.

  7. OK, so you NOT ONLY get to go to Ohio and hang out with Tracey and scrapbook and go dancing and eat things for spring break, you also got to hang out with Kim AND eat that sundae with Kamran over some random weekend?!

    I am weeping from jealousy.

    I hope you’re proud of yourself.