Those Happy Golden Years

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Remember the days before Kamran actually cared about law school and before he was studying for the bar exam when we used to leave the house on a whim to do things like go to the novelty Dave & Buster’s in Times Square and win a bazillion tickets

Dave & Buster's NYC

on the Wheel of Fortune game

Dave & Buster's NYC

and not spend them on anything at all because our love was all we needed?

Dave & Buster's NYC

No, me neither.

Juuuuust kidding. But Kamran’s staying late at school for the next two weeks to study for this darn test so I don’t distract him with my feminine wiles and my unfortunate sudden interest in television cop dramas, and I feel whiny.


  1. caropal says:

    If you watch The Chicago Code, Jennifer Beals’s assistant (I think she’ll be in it next week) is played by my friend Mary Hollis!

    • It’s sooooo funny you say that, because we saw a commercial for that very show the other night, and he looked at me and warned, “Do not record that.”

      Now I have an excuse!

  2. Dishy says:

    Some day we need to meet up at The Borgata. With our luck combined, we’ll be leaving in a new car (NOT a paddy wagon, either) Cha-CHING!

    PS: could you two be any cuter ? No wonder you like those big eyed happy paintings.. it’s like looking in the mirror. And I mean that in the very nicest way.

    • Oooooh, I’ll take you to “da club”, too! You can bring your Le Creuset for us to pile our chips in. I only know how to play penny slots with glittery kittens on the screen; hope that’s okay.

      P.S.: Thanks! It’s kind of creepy to think that I like art that “looks like me”, though. It’s like saying you want to date the male version of you. Oh, wait, I do say that.

  3. Alfagirl says:

    So am I the only one watching Detroit 187? Michael Imperioli is pretty good as the lead detective, filmed documentary style. So far it’s the only new show I’m interested in.

    • Your comment got put in my spam folder! I guess Alfagirl sounds like a porn name.

      I love that show! Kamran just thinks it’s okay, but I enjoy all the personal stuff going on separately from the actual crime stuff. And I’m really happy to see a city character other than NYC or L.A. being featured. Plus, yeah, Michael Imperioli is great.

      Are you still watching “Men of a Certain Age”? I swear I don’t know anyone else who’s even seen it. And it’s still so good!

      • Alfagirl says:

        I agree, I like the personal stuff as well as the crimes, and I like that they are highlighting an area that we’re not so used to seeing that we’re “over it” already. After watching this I kinda have a little crush on Michael Imperioli– makes me want to date an Italian guy again.

        I am still watching Men of a Certain Age too — and yes, it’s really good. I think my parents watch it, but not sure if anyone else I know does, but it’s a great show too.

        Wow– a whole conversation about TV and reality wasn’t mentioned. Who are you and what have you done with my friend? :-)

        • It’s funny you say that, because I was totally going to respond with, “‘Storage Wars’ and ‘Hoarders’ and ‘Heavy’ are great!”, but I knew you wouldn’t care.

          It’s weird, because I’ll keep “Men of a Certain Age” on the DVR forever and not watch it. I really just want to come home and watch totally meaningless TV. But as soon as I get 5 seconds into that excellent, excellent opening theme, I remember how much I like the show.

          And yeah, I would totally approve of a mobbed-up boyfriend for you if he was Michael I.

          • Alfagirl says:

            “Mobbed-up boyfriend” — that is a perfect title for my craigslist “Female seeking Male” post I’m writing. :-)

            • I love the idea that you’d poo-poo online dating for so long and then decide to go the craigslist route when you finally go for it.

              Although one of Tracey’s friends totally met her fiance on craigslist! So I’d support you.

  4. Cristy says:

    So adorable. Didn’t you read/watch The Thorn Birds? Giving in to feminine wiles diminishes masculine prowess. :) Good luck to him!

    • I know that’s a really beloved book, but I’ve never read it. Should I?

      • Cristy says:

        Nah. It’s twisted. It was one of those things I read as a romantic young, impressionable girl. *sigh* One of the screwy things was that the main character’s husband did manual labor and would often neglect his marriage bed to prevent being drained of energy for the job. Needless to say, she was a bit resentful. :)

  5. Jessica R. says:

    That first photo of you should be displayed under “joy” in the dictionary.

    Also, I lost my best friend to first her medical board exams and now her residency. I can sympathize.

    • You can bet I’ve never looked that happy hugging Kamran to my chest.

      A best girlfriend would be even worse! All you really need boyfriends and husbands for is spooning and killing spiders, but best friends actually emotionally support you and stuff.

      (Juuuuuuuuuuuuuust kidding, Kam.)

  6. In that first photo, you look so angelic

    …and WEALTHY!

    (In the “ticket” sense, anyway.)

    Are you telling us you really didn’t exchange those for so much as a cheap teddy bear or a pair of wax lips?!

    • Hey, I am angelic. And think how much wealthier I’ll look when my butt is getting papercut from swimming around in all of my book deal cash advances. No?

      We still have the card with all of the ticket points loaded onto it! I imagine it’s expired by now, but we still have our love.

  7. Kim says:

    Are you watching Southland? Because I’m not but I want to be.

    • Samesies! Every time I see the previews, I think about adding it to the DVR, but I still haven’t. Maybe we need to find it on Netflix so we can watch it on our date. Which will now take place on your bed. We’ll lick the shiraz off the walls and use it as excuse to take advantage of each other.

  8. Erika says:

    My dude is either rehearsing something or working in his office with the door closed, so I watch a lot of teen mom and toddlers in tiaras. When your life is boring, watch other people’s – the crazier the better!

    • Oh, man, this is why living with your boyfriend is so great. I’ve been hearing about “Teen Mom” from other friends for forever, so I started watching an episode with my roommate on Saturday morning, and halfway through, he was like, “You’re not really watching this, right?” And I had to act all nonchalant and say no so he could turn it to Speed 2: Cruise Control.

      Had I been at Kamran’s, I would’ve made him watch not only that episode but a whole marathon.

  9. Erika says:

    Oh man, John hates them SO MUCH, so if he’s home, I have to record them on the DVR and watch them later, which always makes me irrationally upset. I’m also a big fan of You’re Cut Off on VH1 because those bitches are a special kind of crazy. We do watch Jersey Shore together, but that’s the only reality TV he’ll watch besides Pawn Stars and freaking Gold Mining Alaska which has like 10 episodes taking up 50% of our DVR.

    The irony of it is that I lived without TV for 7 or 8 years, from the time I moved out of my parents house until about a year and a half ago and sometimes it’s like I’m making up for lost time by watching all this crap.

    Teen Mom is really good though. Teen Mom 2 is okay, but none of the girls are as good as Catelynn and Maci. “Bintleeeeee!!!”

    • Kamran and I mostly hate everything the other watches, too. He loves “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, but I find all of the plotlines so unbelievable that I can’t enjoy it. And I love all of the “Real Housewives”, but he somehow finds them vapid. Imagine!

      We definitelydefinitely agree on “Pawn Stars”, “American Pickers”, “Jersey Shore”, and “Gold Rush”, though. Although he totally takes the joy out of “Jersey Shore” by loudly and repeatedly insisting that these people are corrupting our society instead of just being quietly horrified like me.

      I haven’t seen “You’re Cut Off”, but I hope it’s something like “Bad Girls Club”, which is trainwreck awful/awesome. Seriously, though, you deserve all the “Teen Mom” you can handle for living without TV for that long. That’s about how long I was a vegetarian, and 6 years later, I’m still making up for it with daily steaks.