From Hero to Zero

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Today, with a little guidance from my dear friend/bitter archrival Jeff, I added this superhot navigation bar to the right side of my blog that shows a sampling (but not the entirety of, which is hilarious) my other blogs. Another incarnation of the bar had been hanging out at the top of my blog, and I hated it so much, so fixing it basically means I don’t have to ever do anything else worthwhile in my life, and I can still feel like a pretty accomplished person.

However, shortly thereafter, I got an e-mail from a woman at, a company that sells NYC sightseeing vacation packages. She contacted me yesterday about participating in and blogging about their Ground Zero and Statue of Liberty Walking Tour, which includes a trip inside the Statue itself. I haven’t been to Liberty Island in probably six years and have never been up inside the Lady, so I was pumped to write back and enthusiastically accept.

The woman responded to my acceptance with something along the lines of, “If anyone will do this tour justice textually and photographically, it is you and your brilliant, brilliant blog.” Something like that, I swear.

But then she also added, “Oh, by the way! On your website, your email is listed with a typo as”

That’s right. I spelled my own name wrong. Not so accomplished, are we now, English major?


  1. Cristy says:

    Can’t wait to read about the trip to the top of the lady. Neat. Awesome that she noted the typo but didn’t judge you for it.

  2. thickcrust says:

    Speaking of misspellings, about a year ago I wanted to register the domain, partly just because it sounded like a pretty cool domain name, but mainly in hopes of capturing some typo traffic from your site. I was going to copy your style, but fill my posts with grammatical and spelling mistakes and other mischief to discredit you and tarnish your image.

    BTW, that bar on the right is kind of annoying. Not nearly as annoying as snapshots, though, which your site also has.

    Man, I am nasty today! Can you tell I’m going through Jack-withdrawl??!!

    • I believe unapolegetically mundane is the search term most-oft used to find me, so you may want to consider that one instead.

      Wait, wait, sorry, the search term most-oft used to find me is glory hole, so be sure to copy my About the Author page and its glory hole photo.

      I agree that the bar is annoying(ly better than anything you could ever do), but not liking snapshots? That’s ridiculous. Being able to mouseover my IS IT PEE-PEE? link and see that the site really is about urine is the biggest gift I could give my readers.

      We’re all mixing the old RedDot wine into our protein shakes today at work in honor of Jack.

  3. Tracey says:

    Does this mean I can finally stop feeling ashamed of the “SUPRISE” birthday party invitations I sent out when we were 18?

    Think carefully about how you answer.

  4. Tessa says:

    I made a typo on (of all words) vegiterian yesterday.

  5. Now that I’ve presumptuously replied to Tracey’s comment, I have to admit that if you hadn’t spelled it out for us, so to speak, in the last line, I don’t think I would have known what the hell that lady was talking about.

    Oh, and I had to use spell check on “presumptuously.”