The Grand Canyon is Kind of Freakishly Beautiful

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When we weren’t going to Disney World, my family always took weird vacations to places like Missouri and Iowa to check out the birthplaces of literary figures. As soon as I got to college, I started road-tripping to places like South Carolina and Georgia for my spring breaks. The most West Coast I’d ever gotten was a trip to Idaho with my roommate my senior year of college, and even that involved lots of greenery and snow. I never understood the point of visiting the desert and never had any desire whatsoever–I mean whatsoever–to see the Grand Canyon.

And then we flew over it on our way to California.

Grand Canyon
Don’t ask me what’s going on out in the desert to make this bright orange.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Not so bad, is it?


  1. thickcrust says:

    You should go to see the Grand Canyon in person. You can really learn some interesting things about yourself there. For instance, I always figured that I was more of a jumper than a pusher. But when I was at the Grand Canyon I could barely resist the temptation to push someone off the edge.

    • I assume that what I will learn is that I actually do hate the Grand Canyon. And that vacations shouldn’t be spent outdoors. And that flip-flops aren’t good for climbing.

      Also, I would love to know what made you think YOU’RE not a pushingest person anyone knows.

      • thickcrust says:

        The fact that I don’t see you on a daily basis, which means I’m spared the judgment and criticism that prevented me from developing even a sliver of self-esteem. Well, you’ve taken care of that. Thanks.

  2. Serial says:

    I like this thickcrust character.

    I know lots of freakishly outdoorsy people who have taken rafting trips through the Grand Canyon. Their pictures are definitely impressive, and they get this far off dreamy-eyed look whenever they talk about it.

    Doesn’t sound half-bad.

    • His blog is one of the absolute best. He posts about once a month, but when he does, it’s always worth the wait. I recommend a follow.

      I think there are two types of people:

      1) those who enjoy non-recycled air
      2) me

      Inevitably, the hotel is my favourite part of any trip. I hope these “people” you know are not your friends.

      Oh, man, your boyfriend’s probably one of them, isn’t he?

      • Serial says:

        He totally is one of them. Used to be a raft guide. Climber. Surfer. Etc. I’m only kind of outdoorsy, though I imagine that will come to an abrupt end once I live in a place that’s 100 degrees and has 99 percent humidity 11 months out of the year.

  3. Tessa says:

    I went to the Grand Canyon when I was about 7. It was so hot in the car that my sister and I returned to melted markers.

    I’m not sure I’ve forgiven the Canyon.

  4. I hope you’re getting prints of those photos.