Everything That’s Good in Life Should Be Mine and Mine Alone

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I went apartment-hunting this weekend with my friend Jack, and this was the view from one of the units we saw:

(click here for the uncropped version, which is so much more impressive)

In the larger version, you’ll note the group of identical buildings in the lower righthand corner. That’s government housing. For poor people. Poor people with a great view.

It just ain’t right.


  1. dd says:

    Other people, man. Such bummers.

  2. bluzdude says:

    That’s one beau-Tee-ful view. And you truly get to “look down” on poor people.

  3. Hilarie says:

    Um, Katie. I could never forget you. And I’m not saying that to inflate your ego, although if that happens I suppose it is a pleasant side effect for you. No, Matt and I never did move to Georgia. Athens was basically the small town of my dreams, but Matt didn’t like the Uni there and so here we sit in Washington, DC. If Kamran ends up clerking in DC, lets definitely end up as new bffs. Coincidentally, most of my friends here in DC are originally from Ohio – some went to Miami Ohio and the others went to Kent State. I don’t think either of those is your alma mater, but they are Good People I could introduce you to, regardless. Keep me updated on what you and Kamran decide!


  4. Bluz stole my comment!

    NO FAIR!

  5. Mike Lowrey says:

    Ah, so Jackie Chan is checking out the new tower in Brooklyn. Nice. Crunch is right around the block too.

    Just to know I spent a great deal of time in those PJ’s (FG) )you pointed out. Let Jack know this do NOT go for a stroll through Fort Green. I know a few hustlers out there, just looking out for dude. Depending on what floor it is on I’m sure he’ll be able to hear the gunshots at night if he opens the window.