Everyone Can See You with Your Finger Up Your Nose

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I had to be at work early this morning for a meeting, and I expected that the public transportation would be less crowded, so I was annoyed when I decided to be lazy and take the bus to Grand Central and found that the usual load of people was still waiting at the stop after mine. There was one woman in particular who I just didn’t like from the moment I saw her. I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what it was that made me want to ensure somehow that she lead an unhappy life–maybe her dour all-brown outfit, maybe her sloppy ponytail, maybe her chubby cheeks–but I was especially upset to look down from my throne at the back of the bus and see that she’d grabbed the last of the much-coveted single-person seats.

And then she started picking her nose.

(I’m sorry, but click here to read the rest. I hate to do this sort of thing to you, but one of my friends told me last night it’s the only way to do it, and I was just looking for an excuse. Looooove yooooou.)


  1. bluzdude says:

    That’s why I read on the subway. Intently. With earphones. It’s so much easier to mix with the public when you can fool yourself into believing that they’re not there.

    • I only go four stops on the bus, so it seems dumb to get my Kindle out just for that. The fact that it has built-in MP3 capabilities is a life-saver, though, indeed.

      Fooling yourself into believing the public isn’t there is what leads to public nose-picking, though. I love the subway, but I need a tinted glass cage around me. Tinted so I can’t see out, of course.

  2. 1. Yes, that’s the only way to do it. You earn money from each click! What kind of blog readers would we be if we weren’t willing to click one little link in order to read your brilliant missives?

    (Yes, as a matter of fact, I am gunning for President of the Katie Ett Fan Club.)

    2. Yes, a little nostril-scratch is acceptable, especially when you have allergies to the extent I do and sometimes, everything on your body itches, INCLUDING THE ROOF OF YOUR DAMN MOUTH (wtf, how does that happen, omg, etc.). Digging for gold, however, is NOT.

    • I just feel baaaaaaad. I just want to write for fun! And not hassle anyone. You know how crazy I got when you truncated your RSS feed for a day. You know what I don’t really mind, though? RSS ads. I wonder if I’m the only one who feels that way.

      (You’ve already got it, especially because Tracey is lazy and wouldn’t want it. I’ll drown Meredith if I have to to be yours. Maybe we should just have a joint fanclub, be co-presidents, and annoy everyone so much with our fawning that no one else will join.)

      The roof-of-the-mouth-itch is the number one allergy annoyance for me. I’ve been known to reach in there with a fingernail to satisfy mine. (Gross.)

  3. Cristy says:

    Doesn’t anybody use kleenexes anymore?? I’ve had nose issues all my life (I was the reason a bunch of my teachers kept a roll of toilet paper in the room), so I carry tissues at all times and lately a small container of sanitizer, too. So, what I have to do is probably occasionally not attractive, but at least I’m using the right equipment. How hard is it to throw a little packet in your bag (them, not you)? Geesh.