Become My Fan on Facebook! (If you want to. I won’t hate you if you don’t.)

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I have a Facebook page for this here blog.

I started it because one of my friends said I should, and I do everything my friends tell me to, but I quickly realized there was no point to it, since I link to all of my blog posts on my personal Facebook page already. But then Bachelor Girl, amazing BBFF she is, made all of her friends fan the Unapologetically Mundane Facebook page.

I felt fine about myself when I only had 6 fans, because I thought it was clear that I wasn’t trying very hard. But now that I have 60+ fans, it’s clear that I’m trying and not doing all that well. Not that 60 isn’t great! It’s actually amazing! But apparently Facebook doesn’t consider you a real entity until you get 100 fans, and they only give you certain privileges at that point, so now I kind of need 40 more people to like me.

I could send out an invite to my bazillions of Facebook friends, but I’d rather coerce people who I know already read my blog. So . . .

Click meeeeeeeeeee!

No pressure, but if you feel like becoming a fan/friend of my page by Like-ing it, I won’t stop you. I realized this morning that it’d be a good place for us to talk about all of the things I’m too embarrassed to bring up here, like how I don’t understand how to use toilet seat covers, how I wonder if I can go on being friends with Edward people when I love Jacob so much, and who’s going to win “American Idol”.

That doesn’t really make anyone want to Like me, does it?


  1. Kim says:

    I’m starting to get confused.

    So, this blog is where I make elitist comments that more often than not don’t really relate to the subject of the post; Facebook is where we talk about discount designer Web sites; your food blog is where I go when I feel like torturing myself with pictures of calories; and this blog’s Facebook fan page is where we talk Jacob and how he’s so much better than Edward, for starters because he’s alive and Edward is not?

    I think that’s right, right?

    • Right.

      And your blog is where I go when I want to feel bad about eating solid food, wearing the same pair of shoes every day, not buying anything off of the designer discount sites we talk about on Facebook, and not being nearly elite enough.

  2. Oh, I am SO sending all my friends a new round of invites to Like the Unapologetically Mundane page.

    Besides, I owe you one for introducing me to Kim Luck. “Pictures of calories.” She slays me.