Haters Keep Hatin’

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The first time I saw Kamran’s apartment building, I’ll admit I was wooed. It looked like a castle on the outside and was filled with fresh flowers and gleaming chandeliers on the inside. One my friends recently said it seems like Harry Potter would live there.

After more than three years of visiting it, though, I’ve gotten used to it and its doormen, porters, and nice-men-who-pick-up-the-recycling-from-the-trash-room. Which is why I thought it was a pretty big deal when Kamran got an e-mail from the building saying they were going on strike if their union didn’t reach an agreement with the local apartment building owners.

But they did, and they didn’t go on strike, and I was a little offended by the piece in the New York Times about it:

A strike would have disrupted the daily routines of hundreds of thousands of middle-class residents from upper Broadway to Brownsville, as well as affluent owners of Park Avenue penthouses. Along with picket lines in front of many of their homes, they would be confronted with the loss of the people who sign for their packages, carry their luggage and let the pizza deliverers and dog walkers into the building.

I’m totally not wrong in thinking that’s written facetiously, right? MY DINNER AND PACKAGES ARE IMPORTANT!! Not the dogs, though.


  1. Kim says:

    So when is Kamran going to make partner and hire me as his paralegal/secretary/coffee girl/dog walker/office decoration? I just got some new YSLs and so I’m gonna need a doorman to carry me to the elevator when I’m drunk and I can’t really afford one since I spent my money on the pumps.

    And yes. The Times writer was totally laughing at you. Jealous leftist haterz.

    • When you and only you leave me comments, I realize why it is that elitists don’t feel guilty about being elite. You make it sound so natural and nice.

      I asked Kamran to make me his secretary once, and he mentioned something about these people actually knowing things about the law and having degrees in it and stuff.

      Which I think was his nice way of telling me not to crowd him.

  2. Your luggage is important too.

  3. Dishy says:

    This reminds me of an article my husband fwd me recently, about the tribulations of the rich. The article was about wealthy moms finding nannies. Yep. Life is HARD.