Quick! Spell Snorkel Backward

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As I was walking past the courthouse after work yesterday, the big pink hippo party truck outside caught my attention. I noticed the red lights and letters across the front and tried to figure out what kind of event was going on, but I just couldn’t comprehend what was being spelled out.

Fanity Vair

Eventually, I realized it was supposed to say Vanity Fair, but um, it doesn’t. Hmm?


  1. bluzdude says:

    What a Fuster Cluck!

  2. Cassie says:

    That was almost cleaver, but not so much. I’m a little dissapointed. I like your anagram much better.

    • I can’t believe there was a time before the Internet when people had to make up anagrams themselves and couldn’t just type words in and hit a button.

  3. thickcrust says:

    Ha. That reminds me of the MTA’s misspelling of “downtown”, which remains the single most pathetic mistake I think I’ve ever seen – http://blog.thickcrust.com/2008/08/where-can-i-catch-dowtown-train.html

    • I remember that post well.

      Downtown is a word that just looks weird without all of its letters. Unlike when, which appears to have too many and also doesn’t even seem like a real word to me half the time I write it.

  4. Dishy says:

    Am I the only one who had to write out snorkel backwards? PS: Did Curly send the booty pants yet??!

  5. Bob Dole says:

    Something tells me this is a jab pointed at me…

  6. Thank God that wasn’t a Oguev event, ’cause Wnna Aintour would have someone’s SSA.