Long Walks in the Park Alone Do Not Make Me Pathetic Despite What You May Read Here

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NYC winters are so depressing, as I may have melodramatically mentioned before, that I think you can physically feel the weight lifting when it gets above 50 degrees. To celebrate being able to wear hoodies instead of parkas, I’ve been taking off down unfamiliar streets after work every day and walking until I miss my TV too much and have to hop on the subway to get home as fast as possible.

It’s so nice to see places I wouldn’t otherwise have reason to and to not care how slow the tourists in front of me are walking when I get up to City Hall or Chinatown. And when I stopped to take this photo, a man in a suit coming out of one of the judicial buildings passed by and said, “Isn’t that magnificent?! I took a picture of it just yesterday.” BFFs!

The one tree in New York City.

The only problem is that I keep seeing all of these happy couples out walking through the parks and holding hands, and I have to remind myself that Kamran will be graduating from law school in a year and will be so powerful and important that he’ll be able to leave work every day at 3 p.m. to come pick me up for all of the wandering and Staten Island Ferry rides I can handle.

Of course, they don’t know this, so I have to take out my cellphone and say things like “no, I love you more” to the nonexistent person on the other end to prove my happiness.


  1. thickcrust says:

    I like that there are 2 trees in the background of the picture labeled “The one tree in New York City.”

  2. Serial says:

    Ohhhh yeah. I’ve heard powerful lawyers are all about leaving work early.

  3. Kim says:

    There are lots of trees on the UES JUST SAYING.

    That one does kind of make my cold black heart yearn for love, though. Sigh.

  4. bluzdude says:

    Yeah, but the other two trees are more like glorified bushes.

  5. Dawn says:

    Thanks for visiting! Feel free to email me if you have any questions-Check out the pictures http://russelldawnisaac.blogspot.com/2010/04/oh-my-goodness.html

  6. Jack says:

    You don’t actually ride the Staten Island Ferry right?

  7. I feel you. The Guy’s in Orlando for four days, and I’m already moping around and whining to anyone who will listen (and many who won’t) about how looooonely I am.

    By-the-by, he left TODAY.

  8. Ash says:

    Long walks in the park alone are AWESOME. Fake cellphone conversations are even more awesome. :) Make sure phone’s on vibrate or silent… lol