Weird NYC

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When I got off the subway last night in Brooklyn, there was a Latino man in a velour Statue of Liberty costume singing along and dancing to the Spanish-language music on his headphones in the middle of the street.


  1. Jack says:

    Umm .. proof? Why’d you get that nice new camera if not to post funny videos on your blog??

    • Jack, you know I don’t have the imagination to make these things up. The camera is only for close-up self-portraits and videos of the puppies.

  2. thickcrust says:

    I hope you shoulder-checked him – or at least flung something nasty on him – for listening to his music loud enough that you could tell what language the song was being sung in.

    • I’m sure you already know this, but because you decided to call me out on it, I couldn’t actually hear the music coming from his headphones. I could only hear the lyrics he was singing. And because I assume that most people aren’t listening to English pop bands on their iPods and translating their lyrics into Spanish for the people of the Graham Ave. L stop, I assume that the man was listening to Spanish-language music. I could be wrong.

      But I’m not.

  3. Finally, Shreveport has something in common with NYC! There’ve been people in velour Statue of Liberty costumes standing around on Youree Drive to advertise some furniture store.

  4. Clearly, the only thing you can do here is get a costume of your own, go stand amongst them on Youree Drive, and sing some Menudo.

  5. Cristy says:

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE what you decided on for the page. The wallpaper-y design mixed with the pink and grays are really cool. And, you kept the potatoes!! :)

    As for the guy, I believe it. I saw some weird stuff when I was living in Boulder – I bet the two cities have some strange commonalities.

    • Thanks! I’m pretty happy with it, too, although it looks terrible in Internet Explorer, which I didn’t realize before I started messing with it.

      I want to hear about this weird stuff you saw in Boulder!