I’m Paying $10 Per Year for That Domain, Darn It, and I WILL Use It

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Because there might be one of you out there who isn’t following me on Twitter, Google Buzz, or Gmail chat:

I updated www.lostandlonelyleftovers.com with a real doozy.

You should be subscribed to the RSS feed and sending me photos daily, anyway, but I understand that I haven’t exactly been as diligent about dropping food on the ground solely to take pictures of it to encourage you as I should have been.


  1. Kirsten says:

    That is an AWESOME website name. Jealous.

  2. No. NO. You have NO IDEA how much time I spend of the one and only life I will ever get looking for food that’s been dropped on the ground just so I can send you a photo of it and get famous on the internets. I am COMMITTED.

    This girl is doing her part. But I guess people in Shreveport like food too much to ever drop it.

    When I go to New Orleans next time, though, it’s on like a chicken bone.