I’ve Never Even Had Sideswept Hair

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Remember when Modest Mouse was so cool? When they were really emo, and no one you would consider “normal” listened to them, and not even your friends knew who they were?

And you had all of their albums and also all of their pins and also all of these homemade pins you bought off eBay, which you dutifully stuck to your messenger bag so everyone would know how emo you were wherever you went?

“Polar Opposites” came on my Pandora station yesterday, and I about died, so I immediately had to go to YouTube and find the best made-by-a-16-year-old music video for the song I could:

The lyrics are “I’m trying, I’m trying to/Drink away the part of the day/That I cannot sleep away,” and I remember being like, “Oh, my god, Modest Mouse, you totally get me.” Even though I had the easiest life and the strongest thing I was drinking back in 1999 in Ohio was Carnation Instant Breakfast.


  1. 1. LOVE the new theme. Tres modern.

    2. I want to see you with sideswept hair SO EFFING BAD.

    3. Dude! The Guy and I were listening to Modest Mouse in his car the other night, and I realized I had COMPLETELY forgotten about them.

    • Thank you! Just don’t look at it in IE, because it is AWFUL.

      I guess I technically have sideswept hair every day, but it starts sausage curling when it gets longer than an inch. I really want to be one of those teenage emo boys with the hair that hangs in my eyes and requires me to toss my head every two seconds.

      Which album? I can half see you liking them, but the one picture I saw of The Guy had me thinking he was into classical, maybe jazz. Never judge a book, I guess.

  2. Noel says:

    I am so happy I got off my Google Reader to leave a comment. Otherwise I would not have seen the lovely new theme! I love it, and it does not make me want to slit my wrists, but this post did make me feel all emo and such. Your last comment made me laugh and reminded me of how I use to love to bitterly sing along with Taking Back Sunday the lyric, “Hey lush, have fun, it’s the weekend,” when I totally did not even understand what a lush was, much less know anyone who was one. But hey, Taking Back Sunday totally understood me and my middle-class white girl pain, too.

    • Thanks! Like I told Bachelor Girl above, the layout is SCARY in Internet Explorer, but I like it so much in Firefox that I might be willing to alienate all of my IE-using readers. Or just force them to get an RSS reader.

      I wasn’t really listening to Taking Back Sunday at the time, but I know I should’ve been. They’re the less-whiny Dashboard Confessional.

  3. Tracey says:

    Liar. The strongest thing you were drinking in 1999 was Gel-ooze. Or maybe Orbitz.

  4. Beau says:

    I do remember those days. I met a girl from Oregon on livejournal and then she came to my school and I thought we were gonna fall in love but she said she was “Trying to meet a guy who DOESN”T LIKE MODEST MOUSE.” We became friends.

    • Insinuating that too many boys out there did like them? I knew one boy who did, and I invited him to the concert when they came to town and wrote about it afterward on my website (because this was pre-LJ), and he found it and saw that I had a crush on him and told all of his friends about it, and they made fun of me forever. I’m still scarred, I think.

      I hope you’re not still friends with that girl, because she’s dumb.