In Which Kamran Fakes His Death on a Bus

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Kamran’s simulated crash face does not in any way reflect how our trip to Atlantic City on Greyhound’s Lucky Streak Bus went:

However, this is a fairly accurate portrayal of his feelings toward wearing a seatbelt on public transportation:

A full report is forthcoming.


  1. Here’s hoping Crash Face was your lucky charm, and the reason you haven’t published a full report yet is that the two of you are too busy spending your millions of dollars.

    • Had we gotten in a real crash, I’ll bet whoever found my camera would’ve been really weirded out.

      “So . . . they hit something . . . and she pulled out her camera to take a photo of her smashed-face boyfriend?”

  2. Also, gambling is a sin.


  3. Smail says:

    Seatbelts on a bus! What is this sorcery?

    • It’s especially funny that the CEO gave us this whole impassioned spiel about how the seatbelts are award-winning and designed to be comfortable for children. Which I guess explains why Kamran could only keep his on for 5 minutes.

      Although when it was snowing on the way home and we slipped off the road once, you know we both immediately buckled up like a couple of pansies.

  4. spaghedeity says:

    i like the really studious girls in the seats across from yours with their laptops. i bet they’re updating twitter about the pair of seatbelt-wearing psychos pulling o-faces against the headrests in front of them.

    • I also enjoy the girl laughing in front of Kamran in the faux crash photo. Although I can see myself having a hearty chuckle in the midst of a head-on collision.