My Incredible Blog Celebrity Pays Off with a Chance to Gamble Away My Life Savings

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I know you thought my blogs were totally useless, but because of one of these Internet gems, Greyhound has invited me (and a guest!) to take a trip to Atlantic City today to try out their new fleet of buses equipped with amenities like wi-fi, electrical outlets, and additional legroom that I’ll fill with many bags full of family-sized shampoo bottles and other things I couldn’t bring if I was on a plane.

They’re putting us up in one of the casinos, slathering us in spa services, and hosting a meet-and-greet with other bloggers that they’re calling “Top of the Trop” and which I will hopefully endure the entirety of by tippling champagne with Kamran in a corner. I’m extremely excited, as this will only be the second time I’ve been to a hotel with him in the three and a half years we’ve been dating, if you don’t count all of those initial months when we were meeting up at the Four Seasons every weekend for illicit activities.


Anyway, Greyhound will be taking a look at my Twitter tomorrow to see what sort of nonsense I tweet about my trip (pretty awesome that I broke down and signed up for that jazz a week ago, right?), just to warn you, it may contain nothing but

1) lyrics to “The Wheels on the Bus”,
2) pictures of stupid vanity license plates, and
3) mentions of Kamran accidentally letting out a little pee every time we go over a pothole.


  1. thickcrust says:

    Judging by your excitement it seems that you may not have read the description of what you won: it’s a trip to Atlantic City… on a bus.

    jk. Have fun!

  2. Tracey says:

    So, I wish I had talked to you or read this before I started getting your gobs of tweets on my phone while I was at Mom and Dad’s all day babysitting. I might not have been so caught off guard by them, and I might not have tweeted back things that might piss off Greyhound executives.

  3. lucky duck!!! i was just in ac for dinner a few weekends ago but had to DRIVE MYSELF there. ugh. i would have much rather gone GREYHOUND. ahem. you know, leave the driving to them and all that?

    i hope you have a GRAND weekend and that you put the farm on RED. RED, i tell ya!


  4. OMG! If anyone invited me anywhere to do anything for free, especially because of Bachelor Girl, I’d be so excited I’d let out a little pee too, a la Kamran. Congrats!!

  5. gooroo says:

    Ha! Did Greyhound poo bahs read the one about doing a #2 at 75 mph? And if so, did they not see the PR value of you reporting in full on such an effort? I was – and I remain – very disappointed.