Less Blogging, More Work

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My four favourite blog posts from the past week:

1) Amy doesn’t need to douche from Unapologetically Female.

2) How to be, like, a real writer from Bachelor Girl.

3) An animal body to keep you warm at night from Belly Shirts.

4) Who brought this guy? from Awkward Family Photos.

The rest of you were either boring or have locked journals that can’t be linked to, but that doesn’t mean I love you any less.


  1. Sandy says:

    Sorry my life is soul-crushingly boring right now!

    • I really wanted to put you on the list! But as much as I liked your most recent post, I didn’t think anyone who wasn’t familiar with you would get it. And I also didn’t want to embarrass you by linking to you and letting everyone see that you’re seeing New Moon not once but twice.


      • Sandy says:

        No, I’m truly sorry my life is so boring. And I think you just let everyone know about New Moon, though, for the record, I haven’t seen it again.

  2. Mike Lowrey says:

    Doesn’t mean you love me any less!!!! LIES I SAY!

    If you weren’t going to add a post from my blog you should have just started running…and I mean fast!!
    You didn’t even have the foresight to apologize to me as you wrote your post.

    Here’s My top 3 posts this week:
    #1 Post – Cute?
    #2 Post – Gangsta?
    #3 Post – Jesus?

    I’ll excuse the fact that’s I’m not on your list simply because I know your busy enriching weapons grade plutonium for Al Queda. Has that new Uranium shipment come in yet?

    Now I need you to Excuse the fact that you are now one of the FBI’s most interesting bloggers!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Can you imagine if I linked to a single one of your posts? Taken as a whole, your blog is hilarious, stupid, ridiculous, and genius. But each individual post is offensive, offensive, offensive, and offensive. I don’t want the same pro-Down-syndrome parents who came after me coming after you.

      • Mike Lowrey says:

        I do tend to rub folks the wrong way sometimes huh?

        But I’m only saying what everyone else is thinking but are just too afraid to say.

        If Loving Mike is wrong Katie…I don’t want you to be right!

  3. Man, I hope people don’t expect me to, like, know what I’m talking about and shit.

  4. Kirsten says:

    Yessss! When I first saw where all my viewers were coming from today I was like mann I must have said such an awesome comment on Unapologetically Mundane that everyone wants to run over to my blog and be friends with me. Turns out, it was something even better than that.


  5. Tracey says:

    When you said you were sharing something from Awkward Family Photos, I was sorta hoping it would be one. Best ever!

    • Did you see where the girl from the photo left a comment about the real story behind the face? It’s weird that I somehow thought of her as a celebrity, evidently, because I thought it was really impressive that she commented.