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It may have been that I was overwhelmed by the joy I was feeling just from being in Ohio, but the following two things made me cry for no good reason last week:

1) The scene in “Glee” when the kids from the deaf school perform John Lennon’s “Imagine”. I generally find the show cheesy and overproduced, but I was unexpectedly emotional about the unconventional solo and the sappy joining together of the two rival choirs.

This is where my video clip would be if Fox wasn’t overly protective of their stupid show, didn’t hate free publicity, and hadn’t ratted me out to YouTube. You are dead to me, “Glee”.

2) At a screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox, my best friend and I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie Babies. I don’t even LIKE babies, but everything about this is wonderful. Especially the part that says, “THE BABIES ARE COMING.”


  1. Jessica R. says:

    When I watched that episode of Glee I was stuffing pillows into my face so I wouldn’t cry. It was ridiculous.

    And that trailer for babies just made my ovaries hurt.

    Oh the hormones!

    • I can rationalize the “Glee” feelings by saying that the Beyonce mash-up right before “Imagine” was SO AWFUL that anything half-decent after that would’ve made us cry.

      But the babies? The babies can’t be explained away.

  2. Alfagirl says:

    That babies preview scared the crap out of me. Seriously, the only explanation of why you would cry at that would be that you are getting your period. I was so thinking the goat was going to take a bite out of the thing at the end, but no.

  3. Serial says:

    Ouch! My ovaries!

  4. Noel says:

    How was “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”? Or is a review forthcoming?

    • It was really fantastic. It was very different from the book but not in a way that I disliked, and it reeeeeeeeally looked like a Wes Anderson film, which delighted me. However, it wasn’t so indie that someone who doesn’t care about Wes wouldn’t like it. The characters were so quirky and cool, and the emotion that those little foxes could show with their fake little fox faces was amazing. The only thing I didn’t like about it, honestly, was the soundtrack. It was a good and a fitting soundtrack, but it didn’t contain any of the bands I associate with Wes, like The Kinks and Simon and Garfunkel.

      • Noel says:

        Sounds good! I’m hoping Ryan won’t be a jerk and will take me to see it this weekend. Which Wes Anderson film is your favorite? I’m a somewhat recent Anderson convert.

        • Let’s see if I can work through this. Bottle Rocket was the first one I saw when my sister and I picked it up at Blockbuster on a total whim in high school, and I thought it was the greatest for a long time. Then “Royal Tenenbaums” came out, and I saw it in the theatre and thought it sucked, but my friends thought it was hilarious. I tried it a second time and fell asleep during it. Then I saw it a third time and thought it was genius. Next I saw “Life Aquatic” in the theatre and thought it was soooooo boring. Saw it again and thought the same. Saw it a third time and thought it was genius. Then I saw “Darjeeling Limited” in the theatre and thought it was genius right off. I was really surprised to have liked it the very first time I saw it, but Kamran and my friend Beth said it’s because it’s his most simplistic and undeveloped film. That made me sad at the time, but I’ve seen it a couple of times since and totally think it’s true now. I saw “Rushmore” in 2007, I think, and I liked it the very first time I saw it, too, but I think it’s less complex than “Tenenbaums” and “Life Aquatic”.

          So I guess it’s one of those two. I think “Tenenbaums” has a wider array of fantastic characters and better costumes and sets, but I just love the story in “Aquatic” and lovelovelove Bill Murray. “Tenenbaums” has that scene where Richie cuts his wrists, though, and that’s one of my favourite scenes in film ever. And “Tenenbaums” also has a better soundtrack, although all of the Spanish remakes of David Bowie songs in “Aquatic” are amazing. But “Aquatic” is so much sadder, and all of the father/son stuff is so great.

          GAH! It’s too hard to choose one. I also think I’m biased because I’ve seen “Tenenbaums” so many times now that if you asked me which one I’d rather see right now, I’d say “Aquatic”. But I think I like “Tenenbaums” better. There. I said it. And I’d rank “Mr. Fox” last of his films, probably, but I still loved it.


          • Noel says:

            I became a Wes Anderson fan after seeing “The Darjeeling Limited.” I honestly knew nothing about Wes Anderson, but thought the previews looked good and instantly fell in love with the film. So, after that I decided to give more of his films a try.

            I liked “Royal Tenenbaums” a lot, but sort of felt like it was quite a mental undertaking, and not a movie I could just lightly watch over and over. I found “Bottle Rocket” pretty funny, but just not *the best* when compared to everything else. Definitely has some funny lines though (“Are you in the Army?” “No, I’ve just got short hair.” hahaha cracks me up every time I think about it).

            Ryan and I watched “Rushmore” together and I think it’s the only Anderson movie he actually liked. We both enjoyed it because of our profession, I think. Max’s character was just like certain students we’ve come across, plus the whole private school aspect was just a little too familiar at times.

            I actually tried to watch “Life Aquatic” a few years ago, before I knew anything about Wes Anderson. I detested it…I’m not even sure I finished watching the whole thing. Maybe I would like it better now?

            Anyway, “Darjeeling Limited” still takes the cake for me, but that’s partly a first love kind of thing. I’d probably rank “Tenenbaums” #2. Never made it to “Mr. Fox” this weekend btw. Maybe when it comes to the dollar theater or I am not broke from Christmas shopping.

            • There’s just so much to love about Darjeeling, from the relationships between the brothers to the matching luggage to the sweet lime. I want to be friends with all of the characters, basically. Life Aquatic has more of a plot, I guess, but both movies have the same lonely feel and the same retro-yet-overly-colorful look. I definitely think you should watch it again and see how you feel.

  5. Sandy says:

    I hated that scene in Glee because the hearing kids just could NOT let those deaf kids have the spotlight. Spotlight hogs!

    I think my favorite part of that Babies trailer is when the two babies at the beginning were fighting and the one put her head down on the rock like, “I can’t even believe all I have to endure.”

    • Tracey says:

      THANK YOU. I think the thing that kept me from enjoying that scene was the fact that they got up and interrupted the performance without being invited.

      • Listen, when I’m doing karaoke, you pretty much butt in to every song like you have something to add. Just like you, the fat chick just thought she was soooooooooooooooo much better than the deaf guy and figured he’d be flattered that she’d stoop to his level to sing along. Also, they’re both black, so the show’s clearly trying to develop a love plot.

  6. Kirsten says:

    I LOVE the babies trailer. So good.

  7. I like babies in theory, but what with the pooping and the vomiting and the emotional instability…sheesh.

    • Tracey says:

      I second this sentiment. I could get behind genetically engineering non-pooping, non-vomiting, non-crying babies that don’t need constant supervision.