Photodump Part 2

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The Pool Party on the Williamsburg waterfront this summer with Dirty Projectors.

The view down a lonely Williamsburg street at the last rooftop party of the summer.

Emily brings her hypoallergenic Yorkiepoo to work, and I convince Jack to stick him in the fridge. Emily is not amused.

Steve receives an Amazon gift card from Michael Jackson with the following note: I’m really happy for you, Elvis, and I’mma let you finish, but Steve is one of the best kings of all time. Of all time.

An accidental snapshot confirms that I’m a robot with lifeless doll eyes.


  1. Serial says:

    If you would have told me that last pic was of a baby, I would have believed you. (then maybe wondered about the eyebrows later, but i’d have bought it for a minute)

  2. Beth says:

    I’m pretty sure those Kanye jokes will always be funny.

  3. Steve’s kinda cute.

    • You don’t get Amazon giftcards from The King of Pop by being a slouch. And Steve can perform his own wedding ceremony to boot!

      • Patio Green says:

        I’m pretty sure he can’t perform his own wedding ceremony when he marries ME! God, I just want to squeeze his face.

        • Mike Lowrey says:

          Are you ladies looking at the same picture that I am?

          It’s official…All Ohio ladies are not well.
          It’s ok we will get you all laser eye surgery when the new healthcare bill passes.

        • You made Mike Lowrey jealous, and no one makes Mike Lowrey jealous. This pleases me greatly.

          Also, I’m sure Steve would very much like to be squeezed by you, on the cheeks or otherwise.

          • Real Steve says:

            Yes, yes I would.

            And I don’t know who this Mike Lowery fellow is, but I think he likes me, too, seeing as he took the time to make a cartoon me. I hope he makes a cartoon dog for me next. I need a sidekick.

          • Real Steve says:

            Oh, now I know who Mike Lowery is. Sorry, I couldn’t hear him over the sound of how awesome he is.

            • Mike Lowrey says:

              I’m so awesome that no guy can make me jealous. lol.

              Actually the cartoon was a pop up.
              An accident by clicking on one of the 800 ads that Katie has on her site. It was a pure coincidence. It was crazy that it resembled you so I posted the pic.

              Can you hear that?
              Nice…that’s the sound of me still being awesome!

    • spaghedeity says:

      steve kind of looks like ben gibbard with facial hair. and what? who was the card really from?

      for a moment i flipped out because i thought there was nothing between your eyebrow and upper lip. and i was like, how did i not notice before that katie doesn’t have a nose?. but then i found it. smallest nose ever?

      • Eww, gross, I forgot that Ben Gibbard lost a bunch of weight. I should compile a list of bands with fat singers and decide if it’s enough for me to vow to only listen to them for the rest of my life.

        I don’t want to give away who the card was from, but if it helps, he got another one from Jesus on the same day.

        My dad and I have the exact same nose. You should see how adorable it looks on him.

  4. Kirsten says:

    Ah dog in fridge! I would totally take that over a sandwich.

  5. Tracey says:

    When I saw the link to Steve’s name, I thought for a minute that he had a blog I didn’t know about. I’m disappointed it’s not true.