You Don’t Freakin’ Know Me, Wii Fit

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Yesterday, as Kamran was doing his Body Test on our Wii Fit, the little Wii Fit Board icon thing with the unexplainable baby voice decided to take a detour and asked him how I was doing. Then, it asked him to select whether I looked lighter, heavier, or the same after my recent sessions of hardcore Wii hula-hooping and Wii bowling.

Kamran looked at me as I sat eating chocolate fudge brownie Ben & Jerry’s and politely chose “the same”. The Wii Fit told him that perhaps he should pay more attention to me. We laughed, since I’m always doing dances around his apartment on the weekends to get him to pay attention to me instead of his law school books.

The Wii Fit then told him that in studies, dogs that are paid more attention by their owners are more motivated. Hmph.


  1. Karinya says:

    I hate the wii fit person/voice SO MUCH. Except for that one day when it inexplicably told me that I lost 7 pounds. Then we were cool.

    Those feelings aside, this post made me laugh.

    • That’s crazy! The Wii Fit voice is so childlike and lovable! When it waves goodbye to me after I finish my Body Test, it’s so endearing that I almost feel bad about not continuing on to any “Training”.

      My best friend can do the best impersonation of the voice, too. If we lived near you and came over to play with Baby K every day, I’d totally make Tracey do the voice and pretend like it was Kathryn to freak you out.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Wii fit hates me too. I’m 21 and when I last played it told me I had the skills of like a 57 year old which was kind of insulting, although true because I do not work out ever. And then it tried to force me to tell it that my friend had gotten “heavier”. I mean it had evidence since she hasn’t played in a year but still Wii fit was being pretty rude since she was standing right there.

    • Oh, yeah, my first Wii Fit age was in the 50s, but I was down to the 20s by the second day of using it, so you should feel sorta bad about yourself but not entirely bad.

      I love how the Wii Fit Plus comes with a warning that if you use it, other people will be exposed to your BMI and weight. I really hope some idiot sued Nintendo because of that with the original Wii Fit.

  3. Sandy says:

    Wii Fit’s an asshole.

  4. I’d have slapped that Wii Fit’s face around to the back of its head.

    (That’s how we Southern girls handle insults by gaming systems.)

    • This reminds me of how my dad used to threaten to knock my sister and me into next week all of the time when we didn’t scoop the cat’s litterbox in a timely manner or whathaveyou. It’s no wonder I turned out so violent, shoving people on the subway as I do.

  5. Jack says:

    Wait, so the Wii Fit was comparing you to an unmotivated dog?? Ha! I need to get one just for the insults.