Playing It Cool

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I posted on Examiner, and it’s really too short for me to paste an excerpt here.

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    Please feel free to worship me as a goddess.

  2. Sandy says:

    OK, here’s my story. I live in STL, and last year there were two hurricanes right in a row that hit Texas, then, instead of burning themselves out over land, just headed right for us. Of course, they weren’t hurricanes anymore, but it was just a wall of water for three days straight. I live south of the city and go to school north of the city, so I was Metrolinking it. I left school, and by the time I got to the train station (which is ON CAMPUS), my jeans were soaked to the knees, my sneakers were full of water, and stuff I had brought to school to scan, that was tucked away (“safely”) in my backpack was ruined. My first train went OK, but then I had to transfer. What is normally a 5-minute wait stretched out into a half-hour. Finally, a train pulled up. I strode confidently on, not realizing that it was going in the direction I had just come from, not the direction I was headed in. Fortunately, by the time I got turned around, the right train had come and the platform was empty; no one had seen me get on the wrong train. I felt like I was a retarded kid whose mom had just taught her to ride the train.

    • You mean no one saw you BUT JESUS.

      In situations like these, I find it’s easy to make myself feel better by needlessly defacing public property. I hope the Metrolink has carpet like the DC rail and that you wrung your soaking pants out all over it.