I Love Miley Cyrus, and I’m Not Even Sure It’s in an Ironic Way Anymore

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If you don’t work with me and don’t receive a daily instant messenger reminder from me to listen to it, you may be surprised to know that my favourite song at the moment is Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the U.S.A.”.

I first heard it months ago in the background of the Max Azria/Miley Cyrus Wal-Mart collection commercial and could only make out the words “the butterflies fly away”. Naturally, I ran to Google and typed that in but kept coming up with a song called “Butterfly Fly Away”, which was decidedly not it. Not having heard a lick of Miley before that, I had no idea that this was apparently some hit from her Hannah Montana movie.

I later found the right song, listened to it on repeat all day every day, and dreamed of the day they would make an official video for it where Miley would be wearing short-shorts and cowboy boots and would be singing into a corded microphone out in the middle of a field where there’s obviously nowhere to plug that thing in. And then they did:

SO HOT! Then, yesterday, I hired a painter to re-do the lobby of my company’s office, and he randomly started telling me that he’s also currently painting the home of the guy who wrote the new Kelly Clarkson song. I was like, “Oh, I don’t really listen to popular music,” but he assured me I would’ve heard this song, and when we pulled it up on YouTube, it turns out he was right. After enjoying that, he said practically as an aside, “This guy also wrote the new Miley Cyrus song, if you know it.” I was like

IF I KNOW IT?! So what I’m saying is–there’s three degrees of separation between Miley Cyrus and me, which practically makes me one of those friends in her video. Probably the Asian one in the red bikini top.


  1. Cristy says:

    I also find myself liking Miley and really dig the video. Some things can’t be explained. :)

    • I almost don’t want to listen to any of her other songs just in case I accidentally like them, too.

      Oh, crap! I just remembered that they used to play that song “The Climb” in my gym sometimes, and I liked that.


  2. Jami says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for nearly a year now (found it somehow through links…you know how it goes) and this is the first time I’m commenting…

    You have no idea how weird this post is to me. That friggin Miley Cyrus song has been making little appearances in my life for months. First, the guy I’m currently dating LOVES this song. He’s a super macho, ex-marine…and that makes it hilarious to me.

    THEN a male coworker of mine walked past my office singing it. I stopped him and asked him, “what are you singing?” He responded with, “That Miley Cyrus song… I love it.” Now, just so you know I work in law enforcement…another “macho man” diggin Miley.

    THEN this morning I notice another MALE friend post a FB Status quoting the lyrics to this same damn song!

    I find it catchy and have it on my iPod, but what is the pull that this song has towards grown ass men??

    • It drives me crazy to know that someone’s been reading my crap for a year without having a blog of her own for me to follow. Consider yourself GOOGLE STALKED, lady.

      I would blame it on the short-shorts and cowboy boots, but the video just came out, so I’m lost. The painter sang along to the song when I played it yesterday, but he blamed it on his wife listening to it all of the time. I believed him at the time, but now it’s clearly a lie.

      I mean, for god’s sake, the song talks about butterflies in her “tummy” and moving her hips and stuff. Maybe all these guys read the girly-men study and are just trying to get chicks.

  3. Belle says:

    You’re like famous by default! I’m not embarrassed to admit (okay actually I am) that I love this song, and just spent a weekend with 8 bridesmaids and we listened to this song no less than 20 times. And yes, we’re 20-something, not 13. Whatever. I totally would have made that face had I realized I was intimately connected to miley.

    • Your weekend is sort of my dream come true. Kamran doesn’t appreciate the song, I’m not sure a single one of my co-workers has clicked on the YouTube link I send daily, and my ladyfriends here somehow think Madonna is more legitimate than Miley. All I want are eight bridesmaids to dance around in hot pink puff-sleeved strapless dresses with me to that song, and then I can die.

  4. spaghedeity says:


    i listened to that song non-stop the other week while writing a massive paper in like two hours. via youtube, of course, since i didn’t want to fuck up my last.fm ratings with pop music. but now that i know other people i admire are enjoying miley, i’m less afraid to tell the world. and by the world i of course mean my handful of pretentious indie last.fm nerds.

    anyway, the gay version of the music video is so much better.

    • I had to undo my close-comments-after-14-days thing to reply to this, because I finally just watched the gay version, and OMG, you’re right, it’s so much better. No WONDER you decided to be gay; it looks like even more fun than being a girl.

      Also, because it’s going to weigh on my conscience, I have to tell you that I totally used your story about last.fm with someone at work yesterday. He asked me if I was on it, and I said, “No way! I don’t want anyone seeing how much I listen to that Miley Cyrus song!” He thought it was funny, so maybe when you come back to visit, you can hook up with him. And his wife. And kid.

  5. Tessa says:

    Oh, man. I totally started to retaliate in the degrees-of-fame thing by typing out all about Nicolas Cage and his son and how Mr. Cage totally like, thanked me as he handed me back the scissors, and then it occurred to me that if I want him to actually come back to the place I work I should NOT be overly able to remember and recount the details online.


    • Go ahead and tell that story, because then I’ll remind you how I was in a movie with Meryl Streep where I accidentally bumped into her. You will remind me that my screen time amounted to five seconds, but I will still win in my mind.

      No, but really. I’d like to hear it. You have my e-mail address and know that I have been thinking about your application for husbandry for a week now without actually replying to you about it.

  6. Sandy says:

    It’s funny that you say this because my niece is 15, and just getting to the point where she’s taking shit from her friends for liking Miley Cyrus. We were in the car one day, and that song came on, and she was like, “I don’t care. I like it.” And my 21-year-old niece was like, “Me, too!” And I was like, “OH MY GOD, ME TOO!” I don’t think they liked it as much after that.

    • It’s funny, because when I was 15, I was taking shit from my friends for NOT liking pop music. Now that everyone has sideswept hair and likes Morrissey, if I went back to high school, I’d have to become goth to stand out, wouldn’t I?