The Canon S90 Has Been Released, and I Can Finally Move on with My Life

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On Clint’s recommendation, I spent all summer waiting for the Panasonic Lumix LX3 to become available somewhere other than, where it was listed for $200 more than at any other retailer. I put my name on every waiting list in town and was content to sit quietly for a while, but when the photos for my Degustation review turned out so much better than all of my other food photos just because of a little light difference, I realized I had to suck it up and find an alternative so I could move away from my four-year-old point-and-shoot.

What I found was the Canon S90, a digital small enough to fit into my tiniest clutch but with manual controls and a low-light setting.

The camera hadn’t been released when I ordered it from Adorama, so I was just going off these reviews. They promised a mid-September release, and it was the beginning of September, so I expected something akin to immediate gratification.

AND THEN IT WAS OCTOBER, AND I STILL HAD NO EFFING CAMERA. I seriously was Googling the release date every day and getting no results, calling Canon every day and hearing them know nothing, checking my bank account to see if the money had been withdrawn and finding I was still rich.

But then, on Thursday, the day after Canon told me the S90 would be in stores in a few weeks, it arrived on my doorstep in all of its compact manual glory. I’m still too scared to actually use it, and I may just be leaving it on auto for the first six months after I start, but YAY!


  1. Belle says:

    It’s like a baby in a basket left on your doorstep! But cooler! Enjoy.

    • Man, if your sister does get pregnant with that rape baby, it’s going to make it a little bit harder for me to feel okay about openly spewing baby hate here.

  2. This is exactly what I need. I love my DSLR (Canon, naturally), but obviously, it’s a pain to lug it everywhere.

    As part of my never-ending quest to be just like Katie Ett, I shall add the S90 to my wish list.

    But first, I wanna see a picture of you with your tiniest clutch, your handsome-est boyfriend and your teeniest camera.

    • I’ll work on that photo, but for now, let me just say that I got the S90 out of the box last night and played with it for 20 minutes before I got scared and wrapped it back up, and OMG, it was NICE. I mean, I’ve been running on a Sony that lost its ability to have its shutter release depressed halfway to focus, so maybe any new camera would’ve thrilled me, but still. Aside from not being able to put any lenses on it, I can’t think of anything not to like manual-function-wise. So get one.

  3. Tracey says:

    Dimensions 1.5 x 1.4 x 0.2″


    • Whoa, where did you get that? I looked at a ruler, and that seemed crazy to me, so I checked the Canon website and found 3.94 x 2.30 x 1.22 in., which seems way more reasonable. 0.2″?!

  4. yay! i love new cameras…they smell soooo good. :) i got a new canon for my bday and adore it. i had a 540 for several years and then upgraded to a DSLR (i have a film one but don’t use it much anymore–i love instant gratification!!!!).

    bust out that baby and fire off some shots!

    • I did, but it doesn’t come with its own SD card, and the only extra one Kam had in the apartment holds . . . 5 photos on this thing?! I guess going from 7 megapixels to 10 is a leap in filesize.

      I’m hoping this camera will push me into DSLR land like you, but the auto settings are so good I may not ever turn the function dials to manual.