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I mean, I’m the last person to judge a person’s parenting skills, but maybe your baby shouldn’t be teething on the dishwasher.

Unless I can take pictures.


  1. Belle says:

    He is scruuuumptious.

  2. thickcrust says:

    That’s the latest homeopathic alternative to childhood inoculations. It works on the same principle as a vaccine without the risk of causing autism, ADHD, halitosis and whatever else Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey claim vaccines do to kids.

  3. Sandy says:

    Facts: Babies are dumb. And gross. They don’t do anything right.

  4. Really, is it any wonder babies and children are disease vectors? Chewing on a DISHWASHER? Eeewww.

    • Seriously, though. When I first started working at a kids science museum during college, I got sick about every other day. But by the end of the first year, I was like, “Come, children, wipe your snot on my lips.” IMMUNE SYSTEM OF STEEL.