The Day That Belongs to Me and No One Else, Especially Not the Other 18 Million People Born on This Day

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Oh, birthdays. I never thought I was one to flaunt THE EXTREMELY SPECIAL DAY THAT’S ABOUT ME AND ME ONLY, but as it turns out, I’m actually very much into flaunting it. As early as October 1st, I was writing e-mails to everyone in my office to tell them things like, “Your monthly subway passes are in, and oh yeah, my birthday is October 9th.” Strange.

So far, the two best birthday wishes I’ve received have been from:

1) My best friend, Tracey, who wrote this amazing birthday blog post for me. And I use the word wrote very loosely. As you’ll see in my comment, I first read the post from my BlackBerry this morning and had no idea that someone out there was actually making cakes that look like babies. The creepiest babies ever at that.

2) OkCupid, who sent me this e-mail:

This is the third year in a row they’ve had to send me the “sorry you’re in a relationship” e-mail thanks to Kamran being great. But I really love how they can’t help themselves and have to include links both for me to login instantly and to find my birthday matches. Way to wreck relationships, OkCupid.

I’ve invited my ten closest friends to a marathon of karaoke tomorrow afternoon, but tonight, I’m going to have a quiet evening at home with Kamran that will involve pizza, several kinds of chips, cupcakes, ice cream cake, and playing with the Wii we bought each other for our joint birthday.


  1. Belle says:

    Happy birthday!! Your night sounds IDEAL. I mean boring. Tomorrow sounds much more fun. NOT! Don’t tell anyone I said that…

    • That’s how I feel, too! I know I should want to go out, but I secretly just want to live in my pajamas, get all my meals delivered, and buy Wii games online so I never have to leave the house.

      I’m so jealous that you have a blog with your sister, by the way.

  2. Happy birthday, KamKat! Here’s hoping you don’t get Wii Elbow.

    • Too late! I think Kamran would’ve given into the idea of the Wii years ago had I made him play Wii Sports tennis with me earlier. He had no idea what he was in for.

  3. Serial says:


    Now about that cake, I call the head!

  4. Cristy says:

    Happy B-Day! Hope it’s awesome. :)

  5. Jack says:

    So you finally got your Wii? About time. Now when are you going to let me mod it to death?

  6. thickcrust says:

    I’ve always felt particularly sorry for people born on October 9, it being the anniversary of the assassination of Ioannis Kapodistrias in 1831 and all. Despite that, I hope you have a happy birthday.

    • I wish you had said this to the other eight people you saw on Friday with October 9th birthdays. I can quietly roll my eyes behind my monitor, but those people would’ve had to react to your face, and I’d like to know how that looks.

  7. Tracey says:

    Your “ten closest” NEW YORK friends, you mean?

    Also, I like that Kamran’s flowers came late enough in the day that OK Cupid got credited with giving you one of the best birthday wishes of the day.

    • Eww, yeah, I can’t believe I wrote it like that. I guess I assumed everyone would know I meant in New York and NO ONE WOULD GET THEIR PANTIES TWISTED OVER IT. Guess not.

      Thanks for bringing up the flowers so that everyone will know how special I am without me having to remind them yet again.

  8. caropal says:

    I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t mention the TOTALLY AWESOME TEXT you got from me this morning. I mean, come on, it should have been the highlight of your day, Wii be damned.

    • Hey, I’m sorry about that. Yours was actually one of the first happy birthdays I got; I don’t think my dad even texted me until noon, and then I had to call him.


  9. shawn says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I was typing that with a bag in my way and it really came out HAOOY BIRYHDAY… which is cool too, so do both!!!!

  10. zhisou says:

    Happy birthday, I like the idea of ice-cream and pizza.

    Cakes like babies seems really creepy – am I the only person who finds the new(ish) Burger King King really creepy too? He scares me.

  11. Mike Lowrey says:

    I’m no longer speaking to you since you chose to ignore my ultra cool Happy BDay post.