I Basically Just Mention These Things So One of You Will Be Compelled to Start a Food Blog, Since I Hate Everyone Else’s

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In case you generally hate reading about how surprised I was to find out I’m not completely grossed out by sardines but love furthering your Tom Colicchio fantasies, my latest donuts4dinner.com post is for you.


  1. Tessa says:

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  2. If I started a food blog, I would write about nothing but cheese. THE POWER OF CHEESE!

  3. Serial says:

    I could use a food blog as a veiled attempt to blog about my uber-dramatic personal life?

    “So, the other day my neighbor that I made out with came over for dinner with me and my roommate that I’m currently sleeping with, and we had a delicious dinner of squash with mint and honey and grilled porkchops with mushroom gravy!”

    • Are you allowed to write this stuff here?

      If so, OMG, please feel free to use my comment space to tell everything you’d like to if you could have a personal blog. This made my day.

      • Serial says:

        Really? You want it?

        Because I don’t think any of the datingisweird people who know who I am follow me to your blog. So … what else? Tonight roommate made home-made paneer cheese and amazing Indian food (dude made his own spice mixes, like toasting bay leaves for his own garam masala), then we went to the house of a couple, friends of his, and pretended to be “Roommates” (you know, the kind who don’t sleep together), because apparently she’s a HUGE gossip and is friends with all of his exes, who work with both of them.

        Oh, and she also knows my ex, who introduced me to roommate. Ex definitely doesn’t know about the current sitch. The ex is also a great cook! So there’s another way I could make this ALLLLL about food!

        • So, do you LIKE that ex thinks you’re lonely and still pining for him, or do you kind of want to rub it in his face that roommate is doin’ you in the bed he used to sleep in?

          • Serial says:

            Oh, I totally want him to find out that I started boning his friend a week and a half after we broke up, but that sort of gossip has to happen organically, or it’s not satisfying.