Blowin’ in the Wind

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My office building is built to be flexible so that it doesn’t topple over in the wind gusts that roar over the tip of the island in Battery Park. On bad days, the building groans as it sways back and forth, and I know to have my lunch delivered so as to not mess up my hair. On really bad days, the door in our 25th floor lobby won’t lock because the two walls around it are so far from where they’re supposed to be.

This fascinates me.


  1. Serial says:

    In other news, it snowed 7 inches in Bend, Oregon, and we were on the Today show this morning.

    See, people in New York DO pay attention to my lil ole city!

  2. I keep a running list of Pros and Cons of Living in New York City in my head.


    Katie Ett!
    Beauty Bar!
    The subway!


    The subway.

    • Haha! I was all set to defend the subway, but then I saw you have it in both columns. So true, so true.

      If you’re scared of that, please have a look at this. I think it’s one of the neatest things I’ve seen in New York magazine.

      (Here‘s the original video, which is equally as cool.)

  3. After a while I enjoyed when the building moved.
    I took me a year and a half to get used to it.
    At first I thought Oli was lying when I asked him about the building noise, but he was right our building was built to sway.

    But I’m sure if a strong enough wind came along the building would topple. Steel has a breaking point ya know. But who cares I’m not in that building anymore except for visits. And Jack, Nik & Adam have worked there long enough to know when the sound hits critical and to get the hell out of the building.

    Hopefully they’ll sneak off without mentioning it to anyone else, just so we can have a huge chuckle after it collapses.