“You Need Some Help”

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In case you’re not already reading datingisweird.com (which is absurd to even consider), you’ll want to check out this post from yesterday.

It’s my assertion that single people are single for a reason but with comments by people who don’t know me and can therefore call me names. If you thought the comments on it here were fun, imagine how much better they are when left entirely by snide single people. Yay!

I mean, not that anyone could beat your comments, you clever, clever darling babies. <3


  1. Kelly says:

    You are way, way braver than I am. Or at least more emotionally stable.

    Commenters like “Shiny Rod,” who clearly just posted the affirmation he has taped to his filthy, sebum-and-toothpaste-flecked bathroom mirror:

    “I’m single but it is a temporary situation. I don’t have problems finding a date or starting a relationship even at 50. Even my ex’s want me back.”

    make me homicidal.

    • I think Shiny Rod is datingisweird.com’s bearsuitsarefunny, so . . . you know . . .

      I’m just mad that I wrote this post last night and scheduled it to go up today. I was away from my computer today and didn’t see that you also wrote a great related post with an excellent twist, or obviously I would’ve written about you here, too. Guess I’ll have to call you out tomorrow.

  2. cow says:

    If people don’t have a problem being single I don’t think they would get upset over what you write.

    At least I know how messed up brain are.

  3. Serial says:

    “imagine how much better they are when left entirely by snide single people.”


    They were much nicer to you than I thought they’d be, actually. Only suggested a little therapy. They’ve all but suggested that I might as well have been aborted.

    (OK, that’s an exaggeration, but I’m sure it’s not far off)

  4. Tracey says:

    Some of their comments made me uncomfortable. I’m really not cut out to read comments discussions in spaces that aren’t feminist and fat-acceptance friendly.

    • I mean, part of the fun of that site is that everyone unabashedly bashes each other, but I can see how you’d want to reply to every comment with some political correctness.

      The thing about your comment is that I read it and thought, “OF COURSE losing weight is the way to more self-confidence.” My size is absolutely the only thing about myself that I question, as you know, and I know I’d have even more confidence if I was a “normal” weight. I consider it a major accomplishment when overweight girls have bucked the trend and don’t hate themselves; not because they SHOULD but because the world makes them feel like they should. Maybe comments like those contribute to it, but those people live in the same world we do and have been led to think that thinner is better, too.

  5. Lol @ the DIW Tags for that post!!!

    Katie the tag should clearly be “Plump Girls” instead.

    • I believe that big girls have it much harder in trying to find a good relationship because of the way the world views them (well except in TX were big is the normal).

      But it’s mostly about attitude, and self esteem.

      I’ve seen some big girls that would make a brother just wanna become celibate.

      Then I’ve seen some even bigger girls that are shapely as hell, wear the right clothes that flatter their body, feel good about themselves and can’t stop getting hit on.

      Skinny chicks have it just as hard in relationships but they aren’t under constant attack about their image, big girls are.