Where the Streets Have My Name

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I pass these barriers every day after work on my way to Kamran’s apartment, and I never could figure out why they creeped me out until I realized the other day that



  1. Tracey says:

    U2 will be in my head ALL day now. Luckily, I like that song.

  2. Kelly says:

    Awesome picture!

    That IS kind of creepy, though.

  3. Mark says:


    I’m dogsitting this weekend for a couple who lives across the street from the New York Stock Exchange. It seems like that whole neighborhood is nothing but street barriers. There is a lot of construction around there as well.

    They used to live in the “Flower District” (right next to the Flatiron District). THAT PLACE had a wonderful dog park (Madison Square Park). But this place – there’s only Battery Park within walking distance & it’s sad because it’s just not a great place to bring a dog.

    Okay, it looks like there’s one just past the South Street Seaport under the Brooklyn Bridge. That isn’t too too far.

    • Why did I think of “redrum”, too, when I saw this?

      When I first moved here, my boyfriend-at-the-time had already been here for a year and had found us an apartment in Chelsea. As we walked there for my first viewing, he asked me what I thought the neighborhood was known for, and I asked him if it was the flower district, because I had no idea that every corner store sells flowers here. He laughed at me. But I got my revenge when we found out a flower district does exist.

      Anyway, OMG, meet me for lunch today. I work right in front of Battery Park.

      • Mark says:

        Well, I wasn’t there/here yesterday. I am today, tomorrow & Sunday.

        I’m sort of enamored by their A/C & big-screen HD TV & am about to take a nap at the moment. I’m not used to these amenities in this city.

        Where should I eat around here? (I don’t know how to coordinate actually meeting up if you’re serious about that. I suppose you could email me.)

        • A/C should not be a luxury!!

          There’s nowhere to eat around there. Burger Burger and Adrienne’s are good. Mad Dog & Beans is good but too expensive. Oh, and Zen Palate is down there if you’re into vegetarian, which I’m sure you are.

          I wanted to go yesterday because I knew I’d be busy today. But Kamran’s gone until Sunday night if you’re bored this weekend. We can go to my office and play DDR.