Correspondingly, We’ve Never Been to a Drive-In Movie Together

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After a rooftop barbeque in Brooklyn on Saturday night, our friend Jeff offered to drop us off at Kamran’s apartment on his way home. As Kamran and I buckled ourselves in, we realized that in nearly three years of dating, it was the first time we’d ever been in a car together.

How totally New York City is that?


  1. I mean, other than a taxi. But that hardly counts.

    • Kelly says:

      OK, I was going to ask about taxis, but I agree they don’t count.

      Good Lord! Think about it: you don’t even know if Kamran’s a good driver or not! What if he drives like a little old lady? What if he does that thing where, at stoplights, he pumps the brakes? That last one makes me homicidal.

      • This subject is, like, an entire chapter in my book. I swear I only broke up with my last boyfriend because he used to park, back up, straighten a little, park, back up, straighten a little more, and on and on for ten minutes.

  2. Serial says:

    If you guys were just riding together, of course they count. Why wouldn’t they?

    I mean, yes, odd that you haven’t been in a non taxi car, odd that neither of you knows how the other drives (dear god, what if he doesn’t signal?), but you can’t say you’ve never been in a car together before, cause it ain’t true.

    So there.

    • But . . . !

      a) You can’t make out without someone watching you.
      b) They say you can adjust the heat and A/C, but it never works.
      c) You have to listen to the driver yelling into his Bluetooth earpiece at his wife in whatever language the entire ride.
      d) The radio is always playing something horrible, and the driver’s always yammering smalltalk about his kids to you over it.
      e) You have to give someone directions to your apartment in order to get there, and even when you say Graham Avenue a million times, they always take you to Grand Street.
      f) You have to pay $2.50 just to sit down.

      And so on and so on forever. They are so completely not the same.

  3. anne says:

    As a non-driver who gets ridiculed constanly in Columbus, Ohio, I think this tidbit might have convinced me to move to NYC!

    • Between my driving like a granny and my being afraid to leave my house for fear of having to find parking, I wasn’t cut out for Columbus at all. The subway has changed my life.

      And so shall it change yours.

  4. Tracey says:

    It’s so funny how different places can be. Dan and I have spent quite a hefty portion of our relationship in our cars together. And almost no time whatsoever on public transit.

  5. Kim says:

    I sort of can’t comprehend how freakishly jealous this post just made me. Wow.

    Anyway, that is weird. And I agree cabs don’t count. That is not the same thing as riding in a car.

  6. natalie says:

    oooh, i drive-in. we were supposed to go to one while on vaycay…but couldn’t muster up the strength to drive 54 miles to coxsackie (yes, that’s the town’s real name) to see the new johnny depp movie.

    there’s another drive-in right over the nj/ny border, but we haven’t been to that one either. sometimes it’s just too much effort to breathe. hahah. how have you been? must be juicy hot in the city. take nj transit to the end and i’ll treat you and k to a day at the beach and boardwalk.
    :) n