Why, Yes, You Can Place My Napkin on My Lap for Me, Mr. Fox

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Isn’t it ridiculous how something as simple as a reference to a seriously old TV show on a dinner reservation can totally make my day?

Although Matthew Fox is alive and well in my heart thanks to “Lost” marathons at Tracey’s apartment when I’m visiting Ohio and should be, you know, spending time with my family and changing out of my pajamas at some point in the day.


  1. Tracey says:

    Whatever happened to Neve “Take My Scars” Campbell?

    • Umm . . . I was going to say that she dried up, but apparently she’s working on a biopic of Vivaldi. Which I know you’re going to run right out and see.

      • Tracey says:

        Wow. I can’t imagine that a Vivaldi movie would be that great. But maybe he has a steamy story I never learned about in Music History class.

        • Maybe there’s some juicy Mozart/Salieri-esque drama we know nothing about, eh?

          • Tracey says:

            The only thing that comes to mind when I think if Vivaldi is an elementary school music class we observed in college where the teacher was teaching her students all about The Four Seasons and she had her first graders referring to him as “Mister Vivaldi”.

            If he actually led a scandalous life, it would totally taint that adorable image I have of him.

    • Kelly says:


      *pees in sweatshorts*

  2. Serial says:

    You know, Mr. Fox lives in Bend, Oregon. Where I live. And when locals refer to him in sightings as “the guy from Lost” I always correct them. Because he’s totally the guy from Party of Five.

    • Who are these people who don’t know his name?! Much of my time spent watching “Lost” involves not paying a bit of attention to the plot and instead focusing on which of the names in the beginning credits matches up with each actor. Matthew Fox is the only one that was obvious from the beginning. And maybe Naveen Andrews, although his last name really disappoints me.

      Also, what are actors doing living in Oregon?

  3. Sandy says:

    You’re eating at The View?

  4. Serial says:

    Um, excUUUSE me, but do you know who else owns a home in my neck of the woods? Rainn Wilson.

    Take THAT, big city folk.

    • Did you link to that clip solely to cut me down a notch what with my big debut as a background actor coming up in Julie & Julia and my head expanding by the moment?

    • Kelly says:

      I’m pretty sure living within a 100-mile radius of Rainn Wilson would draw out any stalkerish tendencies I may have.

      “Women are like wolves. If you want a wolf, you have to trap it. Snare it. Then to keep it happy, you have to tame it. Feed it, care for it. Lovingly. The way an animal deserves. And my animal deserves a lot of loving.”–Dwight Schrute