This Ain’t “Seinfeld”, People

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Last week, I walked into the ladies restroom at work and saw a black cardigan sweater draped across the back of one of the toilets and spilling on to the floor. Just looking at it sort of made me sick to my stomach, and in order to keep from vomiting, I had to stop myself from picturing some woman coming in, realizing it’s hers, picking it up off the back of the toilet, and putting it back on.

I swear, I’m about ten seconds away from putting a hazmat suit on every time I go in there, and someone’s taking her clothes off to pee?


  1. Jack says:

    I take offense to you associating the hilarity that is Seinfeld with the content of this post

    • Actually, you’re right. The ridiculousness of George taking off his shirt on purpose is so far removed from someone allowing her sweater to touch the bathroom floor that they can’t even be compared.

  2. Kelly says:

    Man, I can’t even take a cup of coffee into a public restroom. Forget brushing my teeth. I sometimes pee whilst trying to balance my purse on my knees so it doesn’t touch the grimy floor.

    But allowing your sweater to touch not only the floor BUT THE TOILET TOO? Jesus, I had to take a bubble bath with antibacterial soap and Purell after reading that.